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What is the cost of treatment for breast cancer at Fortis in Bangalore?

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Fortis Hospital is one of the best cancer hospitals in Bangalore and has facilities for paediatric and adult oncology in India. Cost of breast cancer treatment varies from hospitals to hospital and person to person depending on the person condition, surgeon, number of therapies, lab examination facilities charges which finally add to the total cost of breast cancer treatment. On an average, breast cancer treatment cost in Fortis ranges from 2,56,000-4,48,000 INR. The world class team of expert oncologists skilled in radiation therapy, medical and surgical oncology coupled with the contemporary technologies adopted makes Fortis one of the most preferred hospitals for cancer care. It specialises in breast, gynaecological, head and neck, organ preserving surgeries etc and also has a list of oncological procedures like active surveillance for prostate cancer, BRCA gene test for breast cancer, bone marrow biopsy, breast biopsy and more. But remember, Cancer procedures like chemotherapy and medicines are expensive. It is financially challenging for an average man to bear the cost of treatment especially if there is no insurance coverage.