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    How do you treat your breast cancer?

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    Breast cancer can be diagnosed at different stages and can grow at different rates. This means people can have different treatments, depending on what will work best for them.

    To determine if your symptoms are caused by breast cancer or a benign breast condition, your doctor will do a thorough physical exam in addition to a breast exam. They may also request one or more diagnostic tests to help understand what’s causing your symptoms.

    If your doctor suspects breast cancer, he/she may order both a mammogram and an ultrasound. If both of these tests can’t tell your doctor if you have cancer, your doctor may do a test called a breast biopsy.

    Your breast cancer’s stage, how far it has invaded (if it has), and how big the tumour has grown all play a large part in determining what kind of treatment you’ll need. Keep in mind that cancer treatments continue to improve, as do outcomes. So follow your treatment plan and try to stay positive.