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My six years old son urinating very very frequently from one week in day time ... What should i do?

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Dr. Nimrat Kaur

credihealth Verified Doctor
MBBS and Masters of Public Health 07 August 2018 at 09:22

Please define the frequency here. As in how many times in a day? 
Most people urinate 6-8 times in a day but in summers, since we consume more water, 10 times a day should not be worrisome. 

I would like to know if your son is on any kind of medication. 
Urinary tract infections can cause a need to urinate as the urinary tract becomes inflamed and uncomfortable. Certain neurological conditions may cause these symptoms. Another cause of overactive bladder (excessive urination) is a condition called pollakiuria, or frequent daytime urination syndrome.  

A number of drugs for overactive bladder or incontinence of bladder are prescribed which fall under the class of vasopressins. But I would suggest you to please visit your pediatrician and follow up with a urologist too.