Is it your 25th week of pregnancy? Yes? Amazing, you can easily sense your baby’s existence in the womb by its hiccups and heartbeat. This week is nearly the end of the second trimester, which means you have completed 24 weeks of pregnancy – safely and easily. So let us discuss the changes in expecting moms and baby growth in 25th week of pregnancy.

Changes in Infant

25th week of pregnancy, baby growth in 25th week of pregnancy

In the 25th week of pregnancy, your baby is about 12 inches and weighs nearly 1.5 pounds now. The baby is about the size of a head of cauliflower or rutabaga. If you will focus and monitor the activities of the baby, you will find may little things happening inside the womb. Possibly, you may feel that the baby moves when he hears you speak.

You may get used to feeling the baby’s flips, kicks and hiccups as the baby has been moving from the 21st week. These movements are simply a joyful reminder of having a growing baby.

Changes in Your Body in 25th Week of Pregnancy

In 25th week of pregnancy, the baby will start taking a bit of room in the midsection. The movement of the baby will increase, which could make you feel a little uncomfortable. This may trouble you in sleeping.

Apart from all the discomforts, most pregnant women say that this trimester is more comfortable than the previous one. But as the third trimester will begin, the energy level will also dropdown.

As the baby grows, you do too. This is the time when you start gaining weight to support the growing baby. Usually, an expecting mother may gain a pound a week. Not only this, but you will also notice many outward changes as well.

These changes include darkening of nipples, an increase in stretch marks, dark patches on the face and a line of hair growing from your belly button to the pubic hairline. All these changes are an indication of baby growth in the 25th week of pregnancy.

Never neglect your mental health during this stage of pregnancy. If you feel down or depressed talk to your doctor or discuss it with your friends or family members. You may talk to your partner in the following situations:

Always keep your health first as you need to prepare yourself for a baby.

Things to Remember

This week, it is very important to keep yourself healthy and strong. You need to be more careful because you are preparing yourself to deliver a baby, which is not an easy task.

For that, you need to have a balanced diet and proper medications. You should also go for:

Glucose Screening

Technically this is something which has to be done in the 24th week. But if you have missed it, then get it done now. If the glucose level is increased, then you need further testings. The idea behind this test is to rule out gestational diabetes.

Yoga Classes or Exercises

Ask your doctor or midwife if it is the right time to start exercise or yoga. If yes, then start it without any delay or laziness. Doing so will prepare you mentally and physically for childbirth. This will also help in baby growth in the 25th week of pregnancy. In yoga classes, you will learn the breathing and relaxation method that will help at the time of delivery.

Other than this, consult your doctor if you feel severe cramping, shortness of breath, signs of premature labour, vaginal bleeding, burning with urination or fluid leaking.

Giving birth to a baby is not easy, so take care of yourself and the baby because only you can do so.

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