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Pregnancy Exercises

#LadiesAndBabies: Best Pregnancy Exercises For Expecting Mothers

Good things come to those who sweat’ – One of the many beautiful ways to say that exercising brings great results. And contrary to popular belief, there is no right or wrong time to work out. If only your body (and your medical practitioner, in some cases) allows it, physical activity should be a must for you. So this goes for pregnant women as well. But which exercises and why? Let’s take a look at pregnancy exercises to keep you fit(ter).

This week on LadiesAndBabies, we will discuss a few exercises you must do during pregnancy. You must be wondering that pregnancy is already so exhausting, why should you work out? Allow us to answer.

Why Exercises During Pregnancy is Important?

We are sure that knowing the importance of exercising is no rocket science. And besides the basics, there is more for pregnant women. For expecting mothers, physical activity can act as therapy. There is a stack of benefits if one exercises during pregnancy.

For starters, working out during pregnancy can make delivery easier. It lets the newborn have a healthy start to life.

What’s more, is that physical activity improves the overall health of the woman. It significantly reduces the risk of surplus weight gain after delivery. It is also a proven method of relieving back pain. Pregnancy exercises boost heart health, energies, improves the quality of sleep, prevents constipation and uplifts the strength of muscles.

Before you put on your yoga pants and set off, it is important to know which exercises to do and when to stop. Doctors allow a minimum of 30 minutes of low-impact exercise every day.

Common Pregnancy Exercises

There is an abundance of exercises you can choose from. One thing to remember is that the key is moderation. Pregnancy is a delicate time so while physical movement is necessary, it should also be done with caution. Here are the top exercises to do while you are pregnant –

1. Swimming

Swimming or water exercises are probably one of the best workouts you can do. It is fairly because you weigh less in water. But make sure not to dive, but slide into the water. You will also feel less nauseous. The joints and ligaments of your baby will also loosen giving relief to you both.

2. Yoga

Your focus and flexibility will significantly improve with yoga. It is an ideal relaxation also. Yoga also stimulates blood flow. You can ask a yoga instructor for safe exercises. But you should avoid excessive backbends. Doing yoga can be considered as a preparation for labour and delivery.

3. Walking

If you are not used to working out, start with a brisk walk. Besides being a great way to unwind, walking is the safest start. It boosts your cardiovascular system and does not pose much pressure on the knees and legs. Avoid walking in areas with potholes and other similar obstacles, choose a smoother surface where your chances of slipping are zero.

4. Stationary Cycling

Indoor cycling is a great exercise. It does not put much pressure on the joints while boosting your heart rate. Another great way to start exercising is through stationary cycling (spinning). Do not put much pressure on your back while cycling.

5. Light Aerobics

Yes, we are suggesting that you do aerobics but low-impact exercises. Low-impact or light aerobics help in maintaining your muscle strength. It restricts excess stress on your joints. Your balance and lung function is also expected to enhance with these exercises. You can join a custom aerobics class for pregnant women.

6. Squatting

Squatting would be the best thing you can do to help yourself with the labour. If you adapt your body to squatting, it will help open your pelvis during labour. Ensure to be slow and do the exercise correctly.

7. Pelvic Exercises

For the event of childbirth, you should strengthen your pelvic floor by straightening it. You can perform the pelvic tilt exercises during pregnancy. These exercises strengthen your abdominal muscles. You will also feel less back pain if you continue with these.

8. Stomach Strengthening Exercises

You will see a noticeable enlargement of your belly as the baby grows inside you. The continuous growth of your baby can cause slight backache. It is, thus, important to keep your stomach muscles strong. Ask a yoga instructor or your gynaecologist about the right stomach exercise for you.


We understand that pregnancy exercises may be difficult for you. But you can always make your work out fun. Ask your partner to join you for these sessions. This way, the two of you can share a skill and promote health.

If you have not been exercising before pregnancy, start slowly and gradually progress. Also, make sure to warm-up before starting. Avoid weightlifting, overheating and anything that causes risk to your abdomen. Do not exhaust yourself and stay safe.

Stay tuned to Ladies And Babies for more info on Pregnancy and Childbirth.

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