Start preparing for your delivery as you don’t have much time now. This is your 33rd week of pregnancy. You are just seven weeks away now. But still, 33 weeks pregnant women may face many problems. This is because of upcoming changes in baby position in the 33rd week of pregnancy.

Baby Growth

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In the 33rd week of pregnancy, the baby will be the size of a pineapple. He/she is growing slowly and has developed all his/her five senses. The baby is getting ready for the outside world. The baby can now taste, see, hear and feel things. The size of the baby will be about 43 to 46 cms and will weigh about 1.8 kgs.

The skin of the baby will become smoother week by week as he is gaining some fat. The baby’s bones are getting harder. The skull remains soft so that he/she passes easily at the time of vaginal birth.

During the 33rd week of pregnancy, the tremendous brain of the baby is growing quickly. As a result, the baby’s head will increase around half an inch in just this week.

Changes in Your Body at 33rd Week of Pregnancy

The 33 weeks pregnant women experience many changes in their bodies. A few may feel swelling around the nerves on the wrist, which could be because of water retention. To overcome this condition, try to avoid putting pressure on your hand and wrist.

The 33 weeks pregnant women may notice that some fluid is leaking from the breasts known as colostrum. It is normal during this week of pregnancy.

And because of the increasing belly and breast size, you may experience itchy skin. For that, you can apply some lotion or do an oil massage. This could also help reduce stretch marks. You can also go for some products specially manufactured for such problems.

Apart from that, the symptoms of the 32nd week of pregnancy may carry forward and get worse. But relax, it’s just seven weeks. Everything will be fine after the delivery of the baby.

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Things to Remember

You are just a few weeks away from your childbirth. So you need to be a little more careful. You should focus on your diet. Try to add more and more protein and healthy fat to your diet. Take good and comfortable sleep. You can also use pillows to sleep well. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, change your sleeping position.

Be more active these days and take the required rest. Never avoid exercise and yoga. This will help at the time of delivery.

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