5 Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight? Green tea has many health benefits and can help you on your journey. Discover the five best green tea for weight loss here!

5 Best Green Tea for Weight Loss
5 Best Green Tea for Weight Loss
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Green tea is the type of tea or a name given to the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. These dried leaves utilize lots of plant buds to prepare tea. You can make tea from the Camellia sinensis plant, which may have different varieties. The varieties may include black and oolong teas. Green tea leaves are prepared by steaming and pan-frying the Camellia sinensis leaves, which are then dried to make the tea leaves. Furthermore, This blog will guide you to understand the benefits of the Best green tea for weight loss.  Green tea is not fermented, so it retains the important molecules and elements that may vanish in the case of normal milk tea. These important molecules are called polyphenols. They retain the number of mind-blowing benefits of green tea and caffeine contamination.

Which is the Best Green tea for weight loss?

All the major types of green tea are known to have various beneficial compounds like Catechins- which help to reduce blood cholesterol, caffeine- increase alertness, Theanine- produce a relaxation effect, and lower blood pressure, Vitamin E, C, and B2- help to maintain skin, rich in antioxidants, and maintains the mucus membrane. Moreover, the types of green tea that all help to improve body weight by reducing the fat stored in the body are:

1. Matcha Tea -

This tea is a powerful form of green tea rich in catechins and may help lose body weight. Consuming between 1 - 4 tsp of matcha powder daily is sufficient to best green tea to lose weight. Matcha Green tea for weight loss comes in various flavors. 

2. Sencha -

It is the most recommended and common form of green tea. It is commonly made by the most common methods, where the tea makers provide steam to the leaves and roll them to produce crude tea.

3. Fukamushi Sencha -

This green tea steak is at least twice as compared to normal Sencha tea. Either Fukamushi Sencha or Fukamushi Ryokucha knows this. In general, the word Fukamushi refers to the meaning "long-time steaming process." Since leaves are strongly or effectively steamed, they become darker in color, provide a stronger taste, become powdery, and don't give any grassy effect or taste. The tea made from these leaves produces high leafy content and is finer in appearance because of the long-time steaming process. Many active compounds in this type of tea do not directly dissolve in water and give you complete absorption in your body, along with weight loss management.

4. Gyokuro -

As per the culture, these types of leaves are fruits covered with cloth and are allowed to stay covered for around 20 days before picking. The covering allows a limited amount of light reach, which helps the leaves produce new shoots while growing up.

5. Kabusecha -

Kabusecha is another green tea covered before picking but less than Gyokuro - approximately one week before picking. The covering stops the connection of the leaves with the sunlight. This allows the leaves to grow with new shoots and gives them a darker color to the leaves. This is why Kabusecha is more strong, darker, and flavor-rich in every sip in comparison to Sencha. Read Also: Health Benefits of Green Tea - A Good Health Drink For All

Here are the few more popular green teas in India to help you lose weight. Alternatively, check out this guide for some of the best green tea options for weight loss in the US.

Few more Popular options of best green tea for weight loss -

Here are the few more popular green teas in India to help you lose weight. 

  • Lipton Pure & Light Loose Green Tea
  • Himalaya Green Tea
  • Organic India Green Tea
  • Tetley Immune Green Tea
  • Girnar Detox Green Tea
  • Care Ashwagandha Spiced Green Tea
  • OZiva Plant-Based Matcha Plus Green Tea

Why should you switch to green tea? 

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss Green tea contains health-boosting properties and often makes better options among the different choices like black coffee or milk tea. The best green tea for weight loss is prepared with gentle heating and leaf steaming. It would be best if you switched to drinking green tea every morning. This is because green tea maintains lots of benefits within just one cup of tea. It gives you various beneficial compounds that help to retain the strength of the immune system, fight infections and lower the risk of diseases.

  • Green tea gives you a healthy morning and contains less caffeine than your normal milk tea. Green tea is beneficial if you are going through various stressful issues like anxiety and depression.
  • If you are looking for any remedy to lose fat, you can easily switch to an efficient and cost-effective method such as green tea. 

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What are the benefits of green tea for overall health?

Here are six possible health benefits of green tea:

1. Boost brain function -

Green tea consists of caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine. Both these compounds or content help to improve the brain function in many aspects and helps you fight the issues like mood swing, lack of alertness, slow reaction time, and lack of memory. 

2. Reduce belly fat -

Green tea boosts metabolic rate and helps to burn fat. Therefore along with a proper diet, you can easily burn your calories or stay fit and under normal weight range. You can pick up any Best green tea for weight loss mentioned below.

3. Reduce the risk of cancer -

Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight cancer-causing cells. Green tea helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer. 

4. Reduce bad breath -

There is a compound found in green tea, and that is catechins, which is known to provide oral health benefits. Green tea can help you fight mouth infections and bad breath.

5. Reduces redness and irritation in the skin -

Green tea consists of both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It can not only improve your immune system but can help you prevent skin irritation, skin redness, and swelling. Applying a green tea mask to your face or skin can reduce sun tan and sunburn. You can also use this as a remedy to soothe your minor cuts on the skin.

6. Prevent cardiovascular disease -

Green tea extracts help to improve the level of antioxidant capacity of the blood. It also helps lower the total cholesterol level of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Green tea helps to prevent the oxidation of LDL particles in the body, which is the pathway toward heart disease. Also, Read 12 Black Tea Benefits That Will Make You Brew A Cup Or Two.

Is green tea effective for the reproductive life of both men and women? 

Yes, green tea is very effective for the reproductive life of both men and women. Green tea is extremely high in molecules such as polyphenols which help human beings with various exemplary or impressive medicinal benefits. Green tea contains catechin, including epicatechin, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin-3-gallate, and proanthocyanidins. Catechins are known to affect the immune system healthily, destroy certain bacteria and viruses, and fight inflammation. This compound or molecule also helps to improve fertility and reproductive function by properly regulating hormones in the body.

  • Green tea helps to maintain productivity by keeping the level of good hormones intact and maintaining the hormonal activities within the body.
  • Drinking green tea helps to reduce the risk of blocked or clogged arteries due to fat consumption or the risk of high cholesterol.
  • Green tea also helps to fight ovarian cancer and blood pressure or cardiovascular issues. This benefit is more linked to the male gender than the female gender.
  • Also, if you are drinking at least three cups of green tea per day, you can contribute to a lower risk of death from heart disease.
  • You should consume a minimum of two cups of green tea daily to support healthy liver function, leading to more stable testosterone levels and better male hormonal balance.
  • Green tea also reduces cramps and painful events during periods. Hence, if a woman goes through menstruation, she can consume 1-2 cups of green tea daily. 

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Conclusion - 

Green tea possesses a range of possible benefits to human beings. If you want to lose weight, have something healthy in your routine, and want to lower the risk of chronic diseases, you can make green tea a regular part of your life.