Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, has been purported to have many health benefits. Scientists and clinicians from all over the world have conducted various studies on the health benefits of CBD. From treating chronic pain, epilepsy and acne various research have shown strong evidence of CBD’s health and medicinal properties. Among the many health benefits associated with CBD is its use to ease symptoms of anxiety. So how exactly CBD oil helps people with anxiety disorders manage their conditions

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Anxiety Disorders And Attacks Explained

Anxiety disorders are a group of psychological conditions often characterized by feelings of unease and constant worrying. People often mistake it to depression, but depression is rather a long-term feeling of sadness. Anxiety disorders can easily result in physical manifestations known as anxiety or panic attacks, which is the short-term, rapid-onset feeling of terror or apprehension accompanied by physical signs such as excessive sweating, chest pain, increased cardiac rate, and difficulty of breathing. People who are undergoing feelings often report light-headedness and the feeling of an impending doom or like they are going to die. It comes on usually out of the blue and actually may not have any kinds of a triggering factor. People with anxiety disorders who are experiencing panic attacks are sometimes misdiagnosed with a heart attack.

The cause of anxiety disorders is not yet fully understood. However, some experts believe that it is a result of factors including genes and environment.

Physicians use various methods to help anxiety sufferers deal with their condition. Many in fact prescribe a good dose of  therapy coupled with marijuana, to be specific, cannabidiol.

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But can cannabidiol really help sufferers manage their anxiety? How is this possible

CBD: How It Helps In The Management Of Anxiety

A double-blinded placebo-controlled randomized clinical study published in 2011 explored the potency of CBD as the drug for anxiety management. The research, which was conducted to volunteers who had been previously diagnosed with a type of anxiety disorder known as social anxiety disorder (SAD), found that CBD can in fact significantly lower levels of anxiety of patients with SAD. So how does it do it?

Another study, conducted in 2004, found that mice who are given cannabidiol are able to effectively overcome stressful situations than the others who were left to their own devices. In the study, the brains of the mice were explored closely, and the scientists found that the inner working of the brains is actually designed to effectively consume cannabinoid compounds from marijuana. The brain has cannabinoid receptors that receive the molecules from CBD. The active compounds in marijuana properly lock in to these receptors, which triggers the brain’s autonomous response to relax the body and fight off symptoms often associated with anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

How To Use Cannabidiol Attacks?

Panic attacks for sufferers of anxiety disorders can be quite a challenge. Panic attacks can be embarrassing and outright deadly for patients. Anxiety or panic attacks can land someone to the emergency room without the proper method of management.

Therefore, for many patients, the use of cannabidiol for management of anxiety is a life saver. However, it is especially important to remember that CBD treatment should always come in two varieties of treatment – acute and chronic CBD dosing.

Acute CBD dosing is needed for emergency anxiety attacks. This is very important since panic attacks can easily land you to the hospital. It is important for anxiety disorder patients to always carry with them little doses of CBD oil that they can consume at the moment they start feeling like they are going to have a panic attack. Your local dispenses and your clinician may help you find the best emergency CBD dosage to help you prevent such attacks.

Usually, a few CBD drops placed under the tongue are helpful. Allowing the drops of CBD under the tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing them gives the marijuana compounds ample time to permeate the mucosa under the tongue. This should be paired with other non-medical management techniques such as deep breathing exercises and visualization strategy.

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Chronic CBD dosing is still being studied but some research found that this is helpful in management of long-term anxiety disorders. Whereas acute CBD dosing is needed to help prevent emergency panic attacks, chronic CBD dosing is given as a daily drug management to anxiety. This can be compared to the use of losartan and simvastatin, which are taken forever by people with hypertension to help manage daily blood pressure. Chronic CBD dosing is being advised by doctors who suffer chronic anxiety disorders. Often, the doctor prescribes daily maintenance of CBD. Only a moderate dose of CBD is needed. Often, physicians allow patients to select the type of routes for their medication. The patient may opt for oral ingestion of CBD or may decide for puffs of CBD vape pen. Vaping is often the most popular route for many patients as it is quite fun and can be done in social settings. Also, vaping or smoking pot will result in near-immediate effects.

So in conclusion, anxiety disorders can be very difficult, scary and even deadly for sufferers. CBD now is gaining immense popularity as a go—to management for anxiety. This comes to no surprise since various studies have already proven its effectiveness. 

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