Sauna and Weight Gain or loss: Facts and Tips

Do saunas help you lose weight? the most prominent practices that have been used since historical times across the world. Saunas were more common among the cave

Sauna and Weight Gain or loss: Facts and Tips
Sauna and Weight Gain or loss: Facts and Tips
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Saunas are one of the most prominent practices that have been used since historical times across the world. The saunas were more common among the cave dwellers as they used to burn fires inside caves beneath a pile of stone to keep them warm. The modern saunas are of superior technologies with regulated temperature and humidity settings. Saunas allow you to sit in heated temperatures enabling the body to sweat. Since the essential nature of the saunas is to help you sweat. But can saunas help reduce weight? Read on in this blog: "Do saunas help you lose weight?" to understand more about saunas and weight loss.

What are saunas?

Saunas or steam baths are conventional baths of our ancestors at 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Saunas are known to help shed off waist inches, and the trends in saunas are wildly growing. Stepping into the saunas can have several other benefits, like glowing skin and better heart health. A person may encounter a jump in heart rate and can even lose a pint of sweat. But you should understand that it is essential to follow the instructions before walking into the saunas; otherwise, the consequences can be hazardous. Also, Read Lose Weight With Black Coffee - Try These 7 Tips

Do saunas help you lose weight?

do saunas help you lose weight Research suggests that you compare taking a sauna to a moderate-intensity workout that provides the benefits of an exercise session without moving an inch. It sounds like a dream workout, but you must understand how a sauna can aid in weight loss and burn many calories without any problems.
  1. The calories that you can burn in a sauna are equal to the number of calories in a sixty-minute sitting and resting; for example, in a thirty-minute sitting session, you can burn around 45 to 90 calories/per session.
  2. By just relaxing or sleeping in the sauna, you can burn the extra calories you might have burned, but it does not mean that only sitting in the sauna is enough to burn all those calories of a cake or a cola bottle.
  3. Saunas are a beneficial weight loss procedure that you can plan on dipping on the current body weight and weight you want to achieve. Ideally, 2 to 3 sessions a week are enough for the weight loss to start.
  4. The benefits of sauna sessions can help you feel refreshed and energized, which are benefits for regular sauna users.
  5. Adding saunas to your weight loss program can help you relax and rebuild your body. Accompanied by a few workout sessions and you can say hi to your dream body.
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What are the benefits of losing weight with saunas?

Benefits of Losing Weight with Sauna-

1. Losing water weight-

  • It is common to look at people carrying those extra kilos of weight in their body that is reduced as soon as they have started working out. 
  • This is called water weight. This water weight is the first weight lost from the body. 
  • This can easily be around 5 pounds, but this weight will come back with rehydration, and thus, you will see more rapid weight loss with the first few sessions of saunas.

2. Detoxification-

  • Sweating enables the flush of toxins in the body. 
  • Adults' bodies require the removal of toxins, and most people have a sitting job that does not allow them to lose the toxins from the workout. 
  • Here, a session of the saunas can help as sweating helps remove zinc, lead, mercury, and copper from the body via sweating. 
  • Detoxification can also help clean the lymphatic system, which enables the body to burn fat effectively. Regarding that, you will have more energy to enjoy the day.

3. Increased metabolic levels-

  • When exposed to higher or excessive heat or cold, the body will have to work harder, and the heart rate will heighten by 30%, which can help lose weight. 
  • The high heat in the sauna is around 100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent the body from burning from heat, take the saunas for only 15 to 20 minutes and restrict it from 2 to three sessions per week.

4. Reduction in stress levels-

  • Stress can cause weight gain and an obstacle to weight loss, and tension motivates you to eat and boost the production of cortisol. 
  • Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes the body to yearn for more food which can keep losing weight difficult. According to the research, you can enjoy a sauna to get a medication starter and reduce stress and endorphins. 
  • The happy hormones can counteract cortisol levels; these meditative states can release endorphins and engage in healthy activities.
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What is the factor you should keep in mind while going for a sauna?

While the sauna is advantageous, it can cause severe dehydration that can require medical intervention. The weight one can lose by sitting in a sauna is water weight, which is not suited for people with dehydration and heart problems. Being dehydrated is not an adequate state, and you should replace the water lost as soon as you can. Severe dehydration due to the sauna can be relieved by gyrating properly with enough water and fruits that have water. Some of the signs of dehydration are-
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Thirst
  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Urinating more than normal
  • People with chronic conditions of the kidney, heart, diabetes, and pregnant females should consult with doctors before booking a session at the saunas.

Precautions while stepping into a sauna-

Saunas can be a fun and incredible way of losing weight, and you should remember that using steam and saunas for weight loss is not a miracle solution. Saunas can enable the burning of fat but not the muscles. So you must incorporate training and a daily workout routine. Saunas or steam rooms will help boost stamina, but people with cardiovascular system problems should refrain from taking these sessions. It will be helpful if you stay hydrated, as saunas are dehydrating and can impede weight loss. You can also add salt to the drinking water before or after the sauna or steam bath. Aas ti can help rebalance electrolytes. Also Read: 13 Benefits of Oatmeal For Weight Loss: How to Use it Also Read: What Toxins Are Released After Chiropractic Adjustment?


If you have a sauna plan to purchase, you can look at the overall benefits of a sauna and not just weight loss. Using saunas alone for weight loss will not give you dramatic results as it is not a magical solution; you must live a healthy lifestyle that can help improve the impacts of diet and exercise. Certainly, saunas offer several health advantages, but those regular workout routine sessions are equally important to see some benefits of the sauna plan. In addition, people with cardiovascular conditions and who are pregnant should not step into a sauna.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sauna help in losing weight?

Saunas help lose weight by losing excess water in the body.

Is a sauna good for weight loss?

The body burns heat in a heated environment that can help lose weight.

How many calories are burnt in saunas?

You can burn from 46 to 600 calories from one session of saunas.

Are saunas good for the skin?

Saunas can help boost collagen production, which is good for the skin.

Should one go to the sauna before or after a workout?

One can take the saunas before or after the workout as per the needs and goals of the person.