A seizure is a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain, lasting from few seconds to more than 30-45 minutes.

Early Warning Signs of Approaching Seizures

The seizure is a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain, lasting from a few seconds to more than 30-45 minutes. They affect the way an individual behaves during that stance.

When seizures happen on a regular basis and need therapeutic intervention to keep them from not occurring, it is usually referred to as epilepsy. Warning signs are signs and symptoms that one notices in himself, prior to the main event. These early warning signs re really helpful, since they can help the patient and caregivers to be ready for the impending event and sometimes avoid it but letting go off the triggers. These warning signs are also called as “pre-ictal,” meaning “before the seizure”.

Seizures are characterised by three phases: beginning, middle and end, also called as Pre-ictal, ictal and post-ictal, though it can be very difficult to distinguish between each.

Early Warning Signs or Pre-ictal Signs of Seizure Include:

  • Auras:
    One of the most well-known warning signs, it is usually considered as the first symptom of seizure. Most of the features of aura are indescribable and have no definition. There may be sudden drastic changes in feeling, sensation, thought, or behaviour, that prelude a seizure. Chances of capturing an odd smell or taste in your mouth, experiencing visual disturbances, like blurred vision increase. Your level of awareness and conscious may also change. Parts of your body may feel numb or weak.
  • Pain:
    There may be sudden increased sensation to pain and most often it may be in the form of headache or migraine. You may also get uncomfortable tingling feeling in your stomach or elsewhere.
  • Prodrome:
    These symptoms occur at the onset of an attack. Prodrome is usually characterised by feeling of depression, with no visible signs of happiness or being content. Being in the negative mood with dark behaviour is also very common.
  • Anxiety and Other Strange Feelings:
    Adults develop a sense of anxiety and restlessness; a child may become cranky and impulsive.  They may also develop sense of deja vu, and may feel confused or disoriented.
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