Millions of people on the internet search for a better health guide to help them with controlling their cholesterol levels. They want quick and easy “to do tips” and tricks to cure their cholesterol overnight. Before getting into the treatment modalities right away, one has to first understand why cholesterol affects us. Like many other health issues, cholesterol is also directly related to your lifestyle and eating habits. Until and unless you are not making any improvement in the quality of your food and lifestyle you cannot beat cholesterol.  In this article, we will introduce a list of top 10 foods that lower cholesterol naturally.

Top 10 Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Remember to read this article, not only for the 10 CHOLESTEROL BUSTERS but also for the points hidden inside them. Let us discover the top 10 foods to maintain your cholesterol levels.


Yes, you read it right Brinjal/eggplant (baingan) is quite effective in reducing cholesterol level as it contains a lot of mineral and vitamins. Also, they contain phytonutrients that are responsible for antioxidant activities. Eggplants are rich in phenolic compounds such as caffeic, chlorogenic acid and flavonoids, such as Nasunin (a potent antioxidant). To reap the maximum benefits, it is recommended to eat Brinjal by sautéing it lightly in oil, with salt as per your taste and eat it with yogurt.

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Pectin present in all citrus fruits plays a huge role in reducing cholesterol levels. Oranges and tangerines, two of the most common citrus fruits consumed contain Nobiletin and Tangeretin respectively which have the most potent effect on cholesterol-busting. Also, Grapefruits contains vitamin c, potassium, carotenoids and are packed with pectin and bioflavonoids. It’s most beneficial if you eat these fruits raw.


3YzjfqoCkz C0k92rRsrnV221Hoq4 k6yA qo7bpt0SssnZtHXStBSswPUTOE4 aECRWcG1XmY71yunjDAHfWUXkUvkCYdyfAQe ckwVCxpAE7MoW RozhVH21lGD6nB9nNbyTwbFbguCpThnAFish is highly nutritious and rich in protein. Some fish like haddock and white fish are rich in good fats and vitamin b12. Studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids present in fish and fish oils are extremely beneficial for your heart health.

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6feSlTKTO9YqOuT1M9gQ NnXGOkNQT4YAfw0R4dBPEy5Uz Dc2xgz4q oTcdzD9TjWjXcd7vPZmDZyiRvpHFP VZRwr161W5p9HfPuCnEf4gMushroom provides a wealth of protein, fibre, B COMPLEX, and vitamin c, calcium and many other minerals. Research has shown the benefits of SHIITAKE MUSHROOM in lowering cholesterol level. Shiitake mushroom contains such amino acids that help in speeding up the processing of cholesterol in the liver. The mushroom can be cooked in soups, vegetables, or can be eaten raw in a salad.


qTsFm7C6WnJxEQm3xwVEY30GpZIyAsaZ6yYHlaI6Z9s 0sACsov9BeX9NTAMSnzCjXINwecRqjJ yW MsIJx0bykIlqE9YXrnWI OhKdLLUmN0dgZXszmm23qoaZtRl wQFsONouqQmkmlddlgOlive oil is monounsaturated fat that helps to reduce the capacity of LDL CHOLESTEROL (bad cholesterol). Extra virgin olive oil also contains 40 phytochemicals. Antioxidants are always associated with reduced oxidation of bad cholesterol. Olive is very famous among health and fitness lovers community just only for this quality.

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llrl194MdKoVN38 7828WvaWcW2Soya is one of the best protein resources available in nature. It has all the essential amino acids. Soya is packed with lots of minerals and vitamins like folate, vitamin b3, b6, magnesium, potassium, iron copper etc. Furthermore, Soyabean Oil contains PHYTOSTEROLS, INCLUDING BETA SITOSTEROL which helps in reducing The LDL DRAMATICALLY.


LxND4czslk834yhbgfgvt1PH0QduAfg wIsM7ZEIWHV9dsGAQQdekcsqOgr7C9Jrbij4 ReLMost spices available in our kitchen are a potent antioxidant, spices such as GINGER and black pepper are very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels.

  • GINGER contains GINGEROL, shogaol, AND ENZYME called PROTEASE which is quite beneficial in lowering cholesterol level. Also, it is a great blood thinner also.
  • CAYENNE PEPPER and other capsaicin-containing spices boost heart health by lowering triglycerides.
  • CINNAMON is also packed with antioxidant properties which ultimately help in reducing triglycerides levels.
  • TURMERIC is rich in curcumin and curcuminoid which is an antioxidant and a blood thinner. It helps in digesting fat, hence it enhances cholesterol reduction. There are many spices that also work well in cholesterol management. But I have mentioned the 4 four which are the best in cholesterol reduction.

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uEJELvSREhJSgiWQie3vBnVEsVEfs5L2vUSBOAxhfIFeDkOlImNj1iJzEZ66QxJrLgLMLrNCWuNR7yC9bvODivDJZDries plumes are called prunes. These are rich in fibers. Always remember: any natural food high in fiber will reduce cholesterol level. Similarly any food low in fibers will somehow directly or indirectly increase cholesterol level. Also, prunes are rich in fibers so it helps in cholesterol reduction efficiently.


RQs14J7EeoYJfckrD4p85CJWHmKeiEg2AsHN2QYpwS6wZyGreen tea improves the ratio of HDL/LDL. The secret lies in the fact that GREEN TEA is rich in EPIGALLOCATECHIN GALLATE (EGCG). EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant that not only checks the growth of cancer cells in the body but also lowers LDL cholesterol levels. Green tea reduces the abnormal formation of blood clots.

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Linseed is a rich source of polyunsaturated FATS AND MONO-UNSATURATED FATS (good fat). It is tightly packed with omega3 and omega6. Apart from different minerals and vitamins, it also contains LIGNAN (which helps in fighting certain types of cancer cells especially breast cancer). Because of its high essential fatty acid content, flaxseed helps greatly in reducing cholesterol. Flaxseed is also known to have a significant role in reducing inflammation and improving skin quality. Being rich in zinc magnesium and potassium flaxseed may help in good sleep also.

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