10 Foods You Should Avoid While on Saxenda.

Are you on the Saxenda weight loss medication? Make sure you know which foods to avoid for best results! Get a look at 10 foods to avoid while on Saxenda here.

10 Foods You Should Avoid While on Saxenda.
10 Foods You Should Avoid While on Saxenda.
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Many specific diet plans look at reducing the calorie intake, and they can help with medical conditions after getting some exercises like walking, reducing the appetite and food cravings, and sustaining the weight loss over time.Saxenda is an injection of 3mg given to adults with an excess BMI - more than or equal to 27—people with weight-related problems or obesity. Children aged 12-17 years with more than 132 kg can get help in losing weight and reduce the calories in their diet with increased energy for weight loss with Saxenda.This injection is for patients taking all precautions. The food you consume becomes more critical than weight loss with saxenda, so you note these food items. If you are still trying to decide what not to eat, look at this blog. We will explain all the Foods to avoid while on saxenda.Read More: 13 Benefits of Oatmeal For Weight Loss: How to Use it

10 foods to avoid while on saxenda

You need to avoid any specific foods while you are on saxenda. These can lead to a more focused treatment plan and make it easier for the stick to control the calories. Generally, you should not avoid any foods on drugs and can reduce the portions that you take in, but in the case of saxenda, you can avoid these foods-

1. Biscuits, cakes, and chocolates-

  • As we all know, saxenda helps reduce weight, and some of the processed foods available in the market are filled with contents rich in calories and can adversely affect health. 
  • Some food options are biscuits pre-processed with added colors, preservatives, and cakes. Whether store-bought or home-baked, Avoid these foods while you are on saxenda.
  • Chocolates are other sources of oils and sugars that you should avoid.

2. Any fried foods-

  • Fried foods like processed foods are rich in sources of trans fats and monounsaturated fatty acids. These can be great for increasing the rate of fat companions in the body. 
  • Most fried foods have unsaturated fats that harm the body. 
  • Fried foods can include your regular fritter and dumpling.
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3. Excessive amounts of alcohol-

  • Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to deterioration and no use of the drug. 
  • As the drug works on getting the fat out of the body, this alcohol works in reverse and can lead to fat accumulation in the body. 
  • Thus, it would be best if you avoid excessive alcohol when you are taking Saxenda.

4. Any foods that are high in saturated fats-

  • Saturated fats like peanuts and nuts are foods to avoid while on saxenda. 
  • These can increase the levels of fats, or their composition can also result in interactions with the drug that can be harmful to the body and cause severe side effects of the Saxenda drug. 

5. Fizzy-type drinks and drinks that are high in sugar-

  • All sugary beverages that are packaged and marketed are rich in sugars. 
  • Avoid them as they can store calories in the body and cause spikes in blood sugar levels. 
  • Also, fizzy drinks are carbonated drinks filled with soda, other added flavors, and artificial chemicals. Avoiding these can lead to better results on the saxenda.
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6. Avoid extremely salty and spicy foods-

  • Extraordinarily salty and spicy foods can be related to increased blood sugar levels, which is one of this drug's objectives. 
  • That can help increase the problems for saxenda drugs.
  • You should add more rigorous exercise and medication to counter the effects of these food items; it is better to avoid foods while on saxenda.

7. Avoid chilies and eat foods that are light and bland-

  • Similar to the food items that should be avoided, like heavy and bland foods, you can also include some bland foods into your diet. 
  • Do not worry about the taste; eventually, it will get better. 
  • When taking some blended foods, avoid putting more spices and chilies into them.

8. Drink clear water and avoid iced water-

  • Drink clear water and avoid drinking cold or iced water.
  • Iced water can be a bad sign for the metabolism and can deal with problems related to obesity or excessive weight gain.
  • Thus, it would be best if you took care of drinking enough water but refrained from drinking iced water.

9. Avoid ice cream-

  • Ice cream, like iced water, can cause the metabolism to slow down and can result in the development of further issues related to obesity. 
  • Ice cream is also rich in cream from milk. That has a lot of fat, and these fats can be associated with an increase in weight. 
  • Altogether avoid ice cream while taking the drug Saxenda.

10. Refined flour and products-

  • Refined flour and the products made out of them can result in complications. Thus, avoid food items like pasta, flour, Maggie, doughnuts, or other sweets that require refined flour.
  • Avoid refined flour and products made of fine flour that can increase weight and cause differences in weight gain.
Avoid large portions of food, especially takeaway food, where you need to know the calories or nutrition content of the foods that you are buying. Also Read: 4 Best Keto Pills For Weight Loss & Diet Supplement

What should I eat before taking Saxenda?

What should I eat before taking SaxendaYou do not need to eat anything before taking Saxenda; this medication can be taken at any time during the day, regardless of the timing of the meals. However, injecting it simultaneously each day is best as it is convenient for your schedule. For example, this can be right after waking up in the morning or before going to sleep each night.Saxenda can be prefilled into the pens easily and is relatively painless to inject into the abdomens, thigh, and upper arms. These can be provided by taking a piece of advice from the doctor.Read Also: Weight Loss Injections: Types, Benefits, and Side EffectsRead Also: Ozempic for Weight Loss - Effective or Not?


Saxenda is an injectable pen that helps the body lose the excessive weight that can be gained due to excesses of fat or individual having obesity. In addition, it helps in reducing appetite and cravings. This pen is injected once per week or as recommended by your doctor. Saxenda is a medication that can be given to many people to lead to changes in the body, but avoid it without a prescription.Get in touch with your doctor and get a list of all the food items that should be avoided while taking these injections, and follow all the instructions as written on the prescription. You can also review this list of foods to avoid while on saxenda for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should one eat on saxenda?

You can eat bland foods like crackers, toast, and rice. Eat foods that contain water and soups and gelatin. Do not lie down when you eat.

Can I eat fruit on saxenda?

A Saxenda diet can be related to filling half plate with non-starchy vegetables like brussels sprouts, asparagus, artichoke and salad greens, carrots, melons, citrus fruits, and berries.

What happens when you overeat while taking Saxena?

Eating ultra-processed foods while taking saxenda will cause an adverse food-medication interaction. In addition, it can increase the risks of gastrointestinal side effects of the medication, like nausea.

Can I eat anything with Saxenda?

There are not any specific needs to not eat while taking Saxena. Instead, the treatment plan makes sticking to a calorie-controlled diet easier.