15 Safest & Natural Home Remedies for Abortion

Discover natural home remedies for abortion that are safe and effective. Learn how to terminate a pregnancy naturally with easy-to-follow tips and guidance.

15 Safest & Natural Home Remedies for Abortion
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Abortion is always a stressful event, especially in a woman's life. When a couple does not want to conceive the baby, they go for an abortion procedure. However, in many religions, abortions are not recommended. Nevertheless, some families go for natural home remedies for abortion because they can reduce the medical burden on them and their husbands. Certain foods and herbs, if taken daily, will ultimately lead to abortion. According to The Lancet Global Health, an average of 64.5 million abortions take place every year. Various herbs and food can lead to abortions and cause heavy bleeding. It is only when taken in a large amount. Herbs could be taken by boiling them in water or tea. In this blog, we will understand what food, herbs, and activities evoked Abortion. In addition, the risks involved in home remedies and the safe alternatives to perform them.

Instant Natural Home Remedies for Abortion

There are various natural home remedies for abortion. However, it would help if you were careful while doing these remedies at home. There are many foods & herbs which all have been following till now to abort a pregnancy. Following are the few  effective Home Remedies for Abortion. Natural Home Remedies for Abortion

1. Unripe Papaya

In India, ancient people used unripe papaya because the presence of latex caused a contraction in women and resulted in abortion. This only works when taken in large amounts. This unripe papaya is a traditional habit that has been followed in many families. Unripe Papaya is the best natural home remedy for abortion.

2. Pineapple

A little research revealed that pineapple contains a natural chemical called bromelain. It works directly on the uterine and results in contraction leading to abortion. Pineapples are the best natural home remedies for abortion. Also Read: Can I eat Pineapple while Pregnant?

3. Fenugreek Seeds

It is the most important seed in many dishes for its medicinal properties and aroma. However, saponin's chemical in fenugreek seeds works similarly to oxytocin. It elicits uterine contraction and induces abortion. Fenugreek Seeds is the best natural home remedy for abortion.

4. Parsley

Parsley has significant contraceptive properties. Moreover, if taken in large amounts, it can also be poisonous if taken by a pregnant woman, leading to miscarriage and severe fatal effects. However, it would help if you took it wisely. Always monitor for any adverse effects. Parsley is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

5. Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd has many benefits, and people love to eat and drink juice. However, some people believe it can cause uterus contraction, which results in abortion. In that way, you can abort by taking a bitter gourd. Bitter Gourd is the best natural home remedy for abortion. Read Also: Should You Trust Home Pregnancy Tests?

6. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are effective in inducing Abortion. Daily ingesting sesame seeds will directly harm the baby and provoke the uterus by producing contractions. Seasame Seeds is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

7. Eggplant

Eggplants contain photochromics, which may lead to Abortion. It is good for those who want to abort the child if taken in large amounts. Be careful while using eggplant as it directly hits on the myometrium wall, which leads to contraction. Eggplant is the best natural home remedy for abortion.

8. Cheese

Some cheeses, such as Camembert, brie, gorgonzola, and Danish blue, are made with fungus. This cheese contains listeria, a bacteria which leads to uterine contraction. However, this method has a low chance of miscarriage. But if you take in large amounts without even pasteurized products it may affect your baby. Cheese is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

9. Caffeine -

There are studies that if you drink and take caffeine more than 200mg per day, it will increase the chances of Abortion. Therefore, we can consider caffeine as a contraceptive element.  Caffeine is the best natural home remedies for abortion.  Also Read: Caffeine Addiction: The Negative Effects on Your Body

10. Coleus

Many studies reported that coleus inhibits the implementation of an embryo and causes vaginal bleeding. There is no doubt it needs further studies. But the effective result has been noticed for a long time. In most cases, Coleus showed more chances of abortion. Coleus is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

11. Safflower

This increases the thinning of blood and causes bleeding from the vagina. If a woman has already suffered from blood clotting, it should not be taken because it may cause severe blood loss. However, it has been an adequate herb for aborting a child at home. Safflower is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

12. Yarrow

The mechanism is still unknown to scientists, but it provokes uterine contraction and leads to Abortion. Many people prefer to use this remedy at their home. Yarrow is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

13. Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal could induce early menstruation, too, because of the chemicals present in the herbs. Similarly, it also contracts the inner lining of the uterus. The contraction sometimes gets so severe it results in an abortion. Pennyroyal is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

14. Mugwort

You can take mugwort herb to abort a pregnancy. As this causes uterus contraction, and you will start bleeding soon. Mugwort is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

15. Goldenseal

According to some research, it has been observed that goldenseal contains berberine that again contracts the uterus naturally and causes cervical contractions. Goldenseal is the most proficient method to get an abortion. Goldenseal is the best natural home remedies for abortion.

Other Activities That May Lead to Abortion

Vigorous activities and gym workouts can also cause Abortion. Physical activities, for instance, jumping, bouncing, lifting heavy weights, and high-intensity sports induce uterine contraction and lead to Abortion.

Risk Factors associated with Home Remedies

There are many risk factors associated with home remedies. If you feel any of the symptoms, immediately consult the doctor. The list is given down below:
  1. Incomplete Abortion 
  2. Hemorrhage
  3. Toxicity
  4. Infection
  5. Convulsions
  6. Oliguria
  7. Pyrexia
  8. Infertility 
  9. Death
  10. Septic shock

Frequently Asked Questions

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The above article has just given you an insight into the remedies you can follow at home. However, always be cautious and consult a Gynecologist. Adding herbs and food to the diet can lead to abortion. Suppose you are looking for this method of abortion. Moreover, always look for risk factors that may reduce the chances of other complications. Before doing anything, at least consult a doctor first. Always be prepared with an ambulance number in case of any emergencies. Never try these things alone; at least inform one person if you need assistance. Also Read: How soon after unprotected can I test for pregnancy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are home remedies safe for abortion?

According to WHO, home remedies for Abortion is one of the most unsafe practice because an untrained person is terminating her pregnancy without the standard of procedure.

When should I go to the doctor?

If your bleeding is not stopping, and severe abdominal cramps, bloody stool, high fever, and chills affect your condition, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

What is the safer practice for Abortion?

According to WHO, many medical abortions involve a trained staff and a doctor. Some procedures only need medications. However, some of you have to go for surgical Abortion like suction and D&C.