Healthy living has slowly become a fad and one that is slowly growing. Everyone is ‘into’ healthy eating and needs food that sounds healthy, is fast and affordable and available on the go. But, are we really eating healthy or simply following the fad? Well, let’s find out.

Fresh Packaged Juices

orange juice

What a contradiction, I must say. Packaged, yet fresh? These packed sugar syrups are so bad for the body. You must be consuming these fruit juices considering them to be healthy, but that is not the case. Most times, there is no actual juice in the package. Simply sugar syrup added with fruit-like tasting chemicals.

Even if the company manufacturing the juices does use real fruits, it is simply worthless and is equivalent to the aerated beverages for the sugar content in both of them. Also, all the fibre of the fruit is lost and all that is left is sugar.

Fat-free or Low-fat food


The word ‘fat’ makes us go berserk and we start looking for stuff that has markings like ‘low fat’ or ‘no fat’ or ‘slim curd’ and such. But, this is where we go wrong. Instead of healthy food, what we really are buying is ‘processed’ and sugar loaded food that is really not healthy.

Saturated fat is good for the body which helps in converting fat to energy. But, when the fat is removed, the food becomes tasteless and in order to add the taste, the food is processed and loaded with sugar to make it tasty and likable.

Salad Dressings


Salad dressings are so yummm… at the same time, unhealthy. Why would you ask. Well, they are bottled up with preservatives and ingredients that are more harmful than good. Vegetable oil, Tran’s fat, preservatives, sugar and similarly harmful ingredients make up for the taste that we all love in our salads.

Well, it’s time to cut down on the preservatives and add a few fresh and easily available at home ingredients like curd, olive oil, fresh basil, and so on to make that daily dose of veggies healthier and tastier.

Granola Bars


A bar loaded with nuts, oats, dry fruits and sugar (loads of sugar) seems like a healthy option when you are in a hurry to reach office or school on time in order to make up for the missed breakfast. Well, they are just not a bar of goodness but are loaded with huge amounts of sugar.

Next time you grab a granola bar, read the ingredients label and chose ones that have less sugar content in them.

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Energy Drinks

energy drinks

Energy drinks boost of instant energy and to make you do things that need athletic energy just with one drink. Well, what they don’t tell you is it is made of high sugar content, supplements and stimulants and also, high caffeine content. It does give energy for some time but it really isn’t healthy for you.

Gluten-free Food

gluten free

Gluten-free food is the rage these days. While gluten-free food is not unhealthy by them, packaged and processed gluten-free food definitely is. Gluten is an essential part of the healthy food that we eat and if you are gluten allergic or sensitive, it is better to include them in your daily diet.


Once a healthy substitute for fatty butter Margarine now is surely out of the healthy list. Removal of saturated fat makes it less healthy as the body needs that fat to burn and convert into energy.

In simpler words, food that is fresh, un-preserved and natural is the best and healthy food. Eat happily and eat on time is the mantra one should follow. Avoiding shelved food and ones that are processed will make you healthier and happier.

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