Monday , March 20 2023
after-cancer treatment side effects

How do you take care of the body after cancer treatment?

Cancer is one of the hard diseases and acts in two ways: attacking the normal cells of your body and thriving on the oxygen you intake or breathe in. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer are frightening. With modern technology and medicines, it is possible to thrive and fight cancer. You can still fight the after-cancer treatment side effects and can learn better to keep yourself fit and healthy. But, when it comes to keeping your body fit and fine, it is never too late or never too early. You can take the help of experts from Manipal Hospital, Varthur Road, who may help you with body management after surviving cancer.

There are many things that you can work on. These activities may help you grow day by day and help you fight hard diseases.

Don’t Smoke –

You must have heard many times that smoking, especially when you are ill, works like a harmful attack on the body. Smoking kills you slowly and is one of the best things to stop or work on. If you want to lower the risk of after-effects of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or stroke, you can work on smoking. It may be hard for you but you will have to try by lowering the intake of cigarettes per day.

Tips –

  • You can keep trying. It often takes around 5 to 7 tries before you quit anything
  • If you think that things are getting difficult for you, you can talk to your healthcare providers.
  • Try to join the organizations helping to work on smoke and smoking-related habits.
  • Get yourself surrounded by entertaining and active work, so that you may not think about smoking.

Try to resist yourself from secondhand smoke –

Second-hand smoking produces similar effects on health as that of directly smoking a cigarette. Spending time in a smoky place can increase the risk of cancer even if you do not smoke. It can also lead to other heart problems like stroke or heart attack. It can damage the lungs and can create the chances of lung cancer.

Tips –

  • Avoid the places where you get smoky air
  • Try to find a workplace that is free from any secondhand smoke
  • Make your house free from any kind of smoke. If you are living in a small house, you can try producing windows in your kitchen area or the corners of the house for better ventilation.

Exercise Regularly –

It can be tough for you if you have never tried your hands in exercise. Also, if you are living a busy schedule, it can still be difficult. But, the only thing that you can do is “to try”. For better results, you must try to perform daily 30-minute exercises. The benefits of exercise are worth it to make you fit and active. Exercise can help you to alleviate your mood and fight fatigue because of after-cancer treatment side effects. You can try regular exercise. This will help you lower the risk of recurrence of cancer and its symptoms. You can try aerobic exercises including brisk walking, swimming, and cycling. These exercises will help you strengthen your muscles, preparing you to withstand difficult days.

Tips –

  • Choose the type of activities that help you enjoy every moment of your exercise session. activities you enjoy. You can try to include dancing and walking or even gardening or watering the plants one by one.
  • Try to move as you talk on your phone. Make yourself feel active all day long and keep yourself hydrated.
  • If you cannot go outside in any garden or gym, try to have a brisk walk in your home area. 

Work on your weight gain or maintain a healthy weight –

The cancer treatment and the side effects of cancer may change your life’s routine. Even after the complete treatment of your cancer, you may still face difficulty coping with the normal routine of life. You can try maintaining a healthy weight instead of gaining weight by reducing a little focus on food. It is important to thrive in a normal lifestyle without having any kind of harmful disease. Every single thing becomes important when you are a survivor of cancer. 

Tips –

  • Limit your time in front of the TV and computer.
  • Make a schedule of physical activity and movement in your life.
  • Try to include healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.
  • Eat nearly 5 to 6 meals in small portions
  • Stay hydrated and try to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water per day

Eat a Healthy Diet –

To cope with after-cancer treatment side effects, you should focus on your diet and the things you are consuming each day. If you feel difficulty sleeping, you can try reading novels and books. If you face difficulty in eating a healthy diet including fruits, nuts, and leafy vegetables, it is better to make a smoothie with a mix of spices. A healthy diet will help you maintain your body weight and stay under a moderate weight ratio.

Tips –

  • Make fruits and leafy or green vegetables a part of your every meal
  • Eat healthy snacks if you feel hungry in night time or evening
  • Choose chicken, fish, or beans instead of red meat.
  • Try to maintain your focus on brown rice and other whole grain cereals.
  • Make the dishes with olive oil that will help you give healthy fats.
  • Cut down the intake of cookies and exchange them with healthy and salted nuts or milk.
  • Do not depend on junk food. They are contaminated and sugary; they can affect your tongue buds and will resist the pain of losing them.

You can try to eat healthy snacks like peanuts, peanut butter with whole-grain bread, milkshakes, a bowl of pulses or sprouts, etc. Focus on having vegetables, fruits, and whole grains with the minimum focus on meat soup and red meat. Take your medications and have a proper diet with the inclusion of multivitamins. Check out more Cancer hospitals in India.