How Long Does It Take for a Sprained Ankle to Heal?

How long does an ankle sprain take to heal depends on the severity of the injury & the individual's healing process. Get in touch with a medical doctor!

How Long Does It Take for a Sprained Ankle to Heal?
How Long Does It Take for a Sprained Ankle to Heal?
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How long does an ankle sprain take to heal? This is a common question among people dealing with an ankle sprain condition.Many ankle sprains require a period of rest to heal. This healing process can take about four to six weeks. This is the designated time that an ankle sprain can take to heal. Undoubtedly, other factors determine how long it can take for that ankle sprain to relieve. It will depend on a person's severity of ankle injury, age, health, and physical therapies. Sometimes ankle sprain can heal faster in a cast; Sometimes, it requires a lot of bed rest. Your doctor will check these factors before they can better tell you how long it will take for your ankle sprain to heal.

How long does it take for different ankle sprains to heal?

how long does an ankle sprain take to healThe healing time for different ankle sprains can vary depending on the type of ankle sprain injury - 

Types of ankle sprains and their associated healing times-

If you have an ankle sprain or are looking for some time for the sprain to help, it can take some time, but it will depend on the severity of the pain.If the ankle sprain involves one or more of the ligaments that are banned to the bones, it will take a little more time to heal.Here is a timeline that can help you get an idea of the time to heal different types of ankle sprains-

1. First-degree sprains - 3 to 5 weeks

A first-degree sprain is a milf tear ligament that can cause mild swelling and pain in the ligament and will recover quickly. First-degree Spain can take three weeks to heal, and some people can recover in less time. Some may need 4 to 5 weeks to heal mild ligament tears.

2. Second-degree sprain - 4 to 6 weeks 

Second-degree sprains are a little more severe and can involve about 50 % torn ligaments, and this will have more swelling and pins in the ankles, along with loss of mobility. When you are diagnosed with a second-degree sprain, you can anticipate recovering in 4 weeks; in a second-degree sprain, it is common to take 4 to 7 weeks to heal.

3. Third-degree sprain - 3 to 6 months

A third-degree sprain is a complete tear that will take longer than usual to heal. This sprain will require parties; you can expect anywhere from 2 to 6 months for recovery.It is not unbelievable to see that ankle sprains are mostly misdiagnosed and then will be undertreated, the compounding factor that can leave the ankle to take a longer time to heal; thus, it is essential to get in touch with a good physician if it is taking too long to heal.Also Read: 10 Foods That Cause Swollen Feet and Ankles

How long will an ankle sprain take to heal with the RICE technique?

RICE is one of the methods can help get ankle sprain treated in less than three to six week
  • Rest-

Resting can help reduce the swelling in the feet and prevent further injury. While walking with a sprained ankle will be challenging, it will be better to rest and let the ankle rest too. This will help heal the injuries to the soft tissues, and you will benefit better from the medications.Also Read: Different Ways To Deal With Most Sports Injuries
  • Ice-

Applying ice to the sprained ankle can also help return to the feet quickly. Ice can help the feet and reduce the swelling of other inflammations in the injured area. You should apply a plastic ice pack on the site about three to four times daily. If it benefits you, you can use ice as much as possible. Also Read: CBD For Inflammation: What We Know So Far
  • Compression-

Compression is one technique that old people have used for the longest time. You must have asked your mother for treatment for swelling and ankle sprain. They can suggest using a healthy past and putting it on their feet. This will help reduce swelling in the feet and can also reduce the pain. It can help make the recovery faster.You can also check the Best Compression Socks
  • Elevate the foot-

While sleeping, if the sprained ankle is at the snake level as the body, then it can be challenging for the body to deal with the pain. This can lead to the swelling getting bigger and stronger, and this can cause more pain. Thus, keeping the foot elevated is advised to prevent the same. Know more about "How to relieve foot pain from standing all day?"
  • Recovery of ankle sprains-

It can take the first two weeks of the injury to decrease the pain and improve the movement of the ankle. After that, people can return to activities within one to three weeks, depending on that person's daily life. Some people can see the changes and the ankle improving in one to three weeks, while others can take more time.Some people with third-degree sprain can also continue to have pain even after one year of the ankle injury. Thus, it is crucial to check and get in touch with the doctor as they have a better idea of helping reduce the pain and deal with the condition of the pain.Book an online appointment with the Best Ankle Injuries Doctors in India

Rehabilitation of ankle sprains-

  • A faster way of returning to sports and activities that are important for the individual is through rehabilitation programs. 
  • When implemented by a therapist, rehabilitation programs have specific exercises to help the ankle heal faster, apart from the normal resting and icing at home. 
  • In a rehabilitation program, complete care is given to the patients, and this helps in increasing their recovery time. 
  • In addition, spending on a good rehabilitation program can increase confidence and strength in the ankle, preventing the recurrence of an ankle injury. This will make you more confident and return to your normal lifestyle immediately.
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What's the best way to reduce ankle sprains? 

  1. Preventing ankle sprain from happening in the first place will be ideal for athletes and regular physical activities. However, the muscles on the side of the legs must be stabilized while exercising. If they are not stabilized, then it can lead to the ankle rolling gout and causing a sprain.
  2. Balancing on one foot can help prevent ankle pain. Following a strength-training program can include exercises like balancing, working, and preventing ankle sprains.
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While one can get a sprained ankle for several reasons, from wearing incorrect shoes, walking on hilly terrains, working out excessively, or getting into an injury, while all these can a reason getting sprain, you should know that it can take a while to get back to your feet. How long does an ankle sprain take to heal depends on the severity of the injury and the individual's healing process. After medications, you can opt for RICE treatment or get in touch with a therapist or physician who can better help get the correct diagnosis of the condition and recommend painkillers to help sustain the pain and get better quickly.Also Read: How To Stop Foot Cramps

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent ankle sprain?

Take care of your sprains, and make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.

How long will a grade three ankle sprain take to heal?

A grade three ankle sprain can take 4 to 6 months to heal and return to activity.

Is it okay to walk with a sprained ankle?

If you have sprained the ankle, consider walking on it.

How long does a grade one ankle sprain take to heal?

A grade ankle sprain can take three to six weeks to heal, but it will depend on the severity of the sprain.

Will my ankle sprain cause any pain?

An ankle sprain usually is painful, but it will also depend upon the degree or grade of the sprain.

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