Many women go through hardships during motherhood. One such mother and a hero, is Kiran Jangra. Kiran, like most, dreamed of having a family- but her journey was a far cry from ordinary.

In 2004, Kiran had her first baby- a boy, and like any other mother, that was the most special and overwhelming moment of her life. Her joy, however, didn’t last. Born at seven and a half months, her baby died in just three short days. This came as a huge shock to her.

Kiran had just gone for a regular check up when the doctors told her that she will have to be operated on and before she could love her baby, hold him and sleep next to him, he was gone- leaving a void that could never be completely filled. But she did not loose hope- a year later, she found out she was pregnant again. After 8 months, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who had to be kept in the incubator for thirteen days, before Kiran could be with her. While Kiran was still enjoying motherhood, another source of happiness came her way- four years later she found out she was pregnant again and was even more ecstatic when she came to know she was going to have a boy!

Sadly, this was destined to end soon.

After six months had passed, Kiran noticed that there was no movement and her worst fear came true when her doctors told her that her baby had died in her womb. But that wasn’t the end of her ordeal. The doctors asked her to wait for a couple of weeks so they could deliver normally (since she had already had two caesarians.)

So here she was- a heartbroken woman with her dead baby inside her, waiting for her body to push him out. Seeing her state, her husband decided to take her to the hospital. They waited for three days and finally had to resort to cesarean delivery.

Kiran’s young daughter, who was told she was soon going to have a baby brother to play with, couldn’t understand what had happened. Seeing her daughter pray for a sibling everyday, Kiran decided she wanted to try again.

She reasoned, begged and fought with her husband and finally got him to agree. She was pregnant again. But this pregnancy was even more complicated that the previous ones- she had to take medicines and injections everyday and seven months later she noticed some bleeding. Her doctors told her she will have to be operated on. This time, however, her daughter’s prayers were answered and Kiran was blessed with a baby girl. After being in the incubator for 40 days, Kiran finally held her baby in her arms. Today she is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and gives everyone who has struggled with pregnancy HOPE.


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