Neck Stretches for Instant Relief from Pinched Nerve Pain

Struggling with neck stretches for a pinched nerve? With precaution & natural treatment, simple neck stretches can help relieve pain in just a few minutes! 

Neck Stretches for Instant Relief from Pinched Nerve Pain
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Longer hours of working or even a single wrong movement while sleeping or exercising can become painful for the person as these can result in pinched nerves. Pinched nerves not only cause pain but can numb your arms and body, or it can result in a tingling sensation that can be difficult for a person to deal with. Thus, this blog has mentioned some Neck stretches for a pinched nerve. People of all age groups and types can perform all these stretches. 

How to deal with a pinched nerve?

Try to check with your physiotherapist as well. They can suggest specific exercises for the pain in the different body parts caused by pinched nerves.A therapist can demonstrate the best stretches for a pinched nerve, and regularly performing these stretches can show visible results in the condition's symptoms. Mild pain can still be present while performing the gentle exercises as these moves can focus on stretching neck muscles and alleviating the pressure on the nerves.It is essential to perform these exercises slowly to prevent further nerve damage. These exercises can be performed while sitting or standing. You may Also Read: Neck pain - Causes & Remedies!

Different stretching techniques that can help with a pinched nerve

Here are the few Neck stretches for a pinched nerve relief that you can easily perform at home :

1. Neck pull stretches -

Neck pull stretches - Neck stretches for a pinched nerveThese stretches are best for all the nerves in the Neck of your spine that are too tight and can not move freely; this is your exercise. It would help if you used this exercise to decompress the neck and spine nerves.How to perform the stretch -
  1. Sit straight and keep your body tight.
  2. Bend your Neck from side to side and up and down, trying to feel the stretch in your Neck.
  3. Keep your body in one position for 30 seconds and repeat 2-3 times; perform daily.

2. Chin tucks -

Chin tucks - Neck stretches for a pinched nerveThis exercise can reduce neck muscle tension and lengthen the Neck. It will help improve the posture of the head and the Neck.How to perform the stretch-
  1. Place your finger under your chin.
  2. Gently push your Neck and chin together until you can see your double chin, then hold for 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat 5-6 times.

3. Chin tuck with extension -

Chin tuck with extension - Neck stretches for a pinched nerveAfter your chin tuck, add extra movement to the Neck with a stretch extension. It will help stretch the Neck and prevent dizziness in people with pinched nerve symptoms.How to perform the stretch-
  1. Pull your head back to a chin tuck position and slowly tile your head up to the ceiling. 
  2. Return your head to the chin tuck.
  3. Repeat for two sets of five repetitions.

4. Head turn -

Head turn - Neck stretches for a pinched nerveA pinched nerve can decrease the Neck's range of motion and lead to head turns. This can help in performing exercises in a slow and controlled manner. If there is pain, then try to move very slowly.How to perform the stretch-
  1. Straighten your head and Neck and look in front of you.
  2. Slowly turn the head to the right side and pause for five to ten seconds.
  3. Slowly turn the head to the left side and pause for five the ten seconds. 
  4. Then come back to the same positions.
  5. Do this in a very controlled manner for 10 - 15 repetitions.

5. Neck bend -

Neck bend - Neck stretches for a pinched nerveExercises like bends are the best for people with pinched nerves. You should perform this exercise very slowly and controlled, as this stretch can cause pain afterward.How to perform the stretch-
  1. Sit upright and move your chin up and down towards the chest.
  2. Pause for a few seconds and then return to the starting position
  3. Repeat the exercises 5 to 10 times.

6. Shoulder roll -

Shoulder roll - Neck stretches for a pinched nerveShould rolls relieve the tension caused by the pinched nerves in the shoulders and Neck and reduce the pressure on the nerves.How to perform the stretch-
  1. Again sit in an upright position and lift the shoulder blades. After that, move the shoulder back and forth.
  2. You can repeat this process five to six times.
  3. Repeat in the opposite direction.
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Precautions while performing stretches for pinched nerve-

  • While a stretch can help deal with a pinched nerve, it is important not to stretch.
  • It is essential to know your limit and the time at which you should stop stretching. 
  • Any Neck stretches for a pinched nerve that causes mild discomfort or pain should be avoided and stopped completely. 
  • Additionally, you should stop if your hands feel numb or tingling sensations in them.
  • Do not perform exercises like sit-ups, pushups, and bridges, as they can put a lot of pressure on the Neck.
  • After a pinched nerve, you should leave exercises like heavy lifting and twisting or compromised positions like a shoulder or a headstand.
  • Perform activities that can help relieve the pain and provide flexibility and endurance in the Neck.
  • Perform those stretches that can make you feel comfortable and at a slow and controlled pace.
  • Prioritize your rest and diet, and take care of yourself. Refrain from overworking.
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Natural treatments for pinched nerve-

Apart from stretches, you can also try other treatments for pinched nerves. These can help decompress the nerves, loosen the tight muscles, reduce pain and relieve the mild symptoms of pinched nerves.1. Resting- One of the easiest ways to get rid of a pinched nerve is to get proper rest.. 2. Hot and cold compress- Hot or cold compression of the Neck and shoulder can help relieve the pinched nerve in different ways and help with pain and discomfort in the Neck.3. Practicing a Good posture- Practice keeping your posture correct at all times.4. Drugs- Anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can help relieve the pinched nerve. These drugs are primarily NSAIDs.5. Acupuncture- Try to get acupuncture done by a trained professional.6. Massage therapy- Use massages to relieve the pain in the Neck and shoulders. Try to use hot oil for massages as that can provide better relief.7. Yoga- Yoga can significantly reduce pain in the Neck. Yoga is similar to stretches, but you should avoid difficulties in yoga that can cause more pain in the Neck.Also Read: Acupressure & AcupunctureAlso Read: How To Get Rid of Neck Fat fast?


We know how difficult it is to relieve pain caused by a pinched nerve. Thus, we have recommended some Neck stretches for a pinched nerve to help you deal with the pain. Older and younger people can perform these simple exercises. Follow the exercises mentioned in this blog and perform them regularly for long-term benefits.Moreover, contacting a physiotherapist with questions or doubts regarding your pinched nerve pain and discomfort will be best. Also, it would help to be careful while performing stretches and working out. Refrain from over-stretching and reaching out for help if needed. Doctors will be more than happy to help you.Also Read: 5 Ways to get rid of a crick in your neck?