Polycystic Ovarian Disease, PCOD in short, is a condition within which the ovaries of a female are affected. They develop small cysts or follicles that are filled with fluid. This condition has been becoming increasingly common over the years, the definite cause/s of which is not known. Some doctors, however, are of the opinion that this condition arises due to a stressed regimen and the contemporary, modern-day rushed lifestyle. One of the major causes of subfertility in females, PCOD is also widely believed to be genetic in nature.

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PCOD is caused by hormonal imbalance and women suffering from PCOD are known to have high insulin levels in their blood.

A definite diagnosis of PCOD is made on the basis of an ultrasound examination. The presence of the following symptoms, however, points towards the condition.

  • Acne
  • Obesity
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Erratic menstrual cycle
  • Type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Darkening of the skin around the arms, the neck, the nape, and the thighs
  • Infertility

Treatment for PCOD

Treating PCOD requires a plan of action that incorporates – a healthy diet regimen, a regular exercising schedule and meditation.

A relaxed mind and a healthy body weight ratio are the core factors to be kept in mind by people suffering from PCOD. Engaging a trained nutritionists’ help to advise on a diet program catering to the individualistic needs while also keeping in mind the individual’s characteristics is conducive in tackling the disease. A proper workout regimen that involves weight loss and an overall physical enhancement also lead to a feeling of positivity.

Is PCOD curable?

Some arguments lie in favour of PCOD being permanent.

However other practitioners believe that PCOD can be cured completely. Of core importance is, however, that the condition should be diagnosed at an initial stage so as to prevent any of the long-term repercussions that the condition has on the patient’s health. PCOD is known to cause chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension in the advanced stages. Thus, when the diagnosis is made at an early stage, the program to tackle the condition can be started sooner.

Once there is no danger of any associated problems creeping up, one can completely focus on tackling PCOD.

The core requirement is to follow a strict diet and exercise routine.

Any amount of medications and exercise will not help if a healthy diet plan is not followed. A healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise schedule compliment the diet plan and yield positive results. The next core concern is keeping weight in check. Many doctors claim that the condition is incurable and suggest the administration of birth control pills and some other medications. In retrospect, all they do is just suppress the PCOD symptoms to make them almost negligible. This proves to be a difficulty when the patient wishes to conceive.

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