Thing You Need to Know About The Slow Carb Diet

Discover everything you need to know about the slow carb diet, including its principles, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Learn more!

Thing You Need to Know About The Slow Carb Diet
Thing You Need to Know About The Slow Carb Diet
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You look fat! You must reduce your weight! Kam khao, mote ho gye ho! Are you really fed up with these phrases? Then I am sure you must have tried a lot of diet plans or gym. Some of you must have tried medicines as well. But have you tried a slow carb diet? No? You must try this. If you have any confusion about the slow carb diet food list, then don't worry. In this blog, we are going to share a slow carb diet meal plan. But what you need to do is just stick to the diet plan. It will surely work. Controlling your weight will help you in different ways. This will keep you free from many diseases and help you look good and confident. Let's start with what Slow Carb Diet is?

What is Slow Carb Diet?

slow carb diet The slow-carb diet is similar to the ketogenic diet in terms of low carb intake. It is a diet plan that lets you eat as much as you want, of the allowed foods for six days of the week. In those six days, you should take four meals per day. The rest one day can be treated as a cheat day. Slow carb diet meal plan means you have to increase the intake of protein and reduce the carbs. You can say that a slow carb diet aims at getting maximum results by doing the minimum efforts. If you have decided to start a low-carb diet, you can only eat selected items that are allowed for six days of the week.

Rules of the Slow-Carb Diet

Generally, the slow-carb diet is based on five rules. Here are the five golden rules of a slow carb diet:

#1: Say No To White Carbohydrates

Never add any "white" carbohydrates to your diet plan. White Carbs includes all processed carbohydrates made from refined flour, such as sugar, pasta, bread, and cereals. White carbs are lacking in fibre and breakdown into sugar rapidly. This can obstruct your body from losing weight. Also Read: Common Weight Loss Misconceptions

#2: Repeat The Same Few Meals Over And Over

According to the creator of this diet plan, we have plenty of food choices available. Out of them, there are only a few selected items that will help you prevent weight gain. So just mix and match those food items and try to prepare a meal. This way, you can have a filling meal that can satisfy your taste buds. Keep in mind, you have to repeat the same meal during the six days of dieting.

#3: Avoid Drinking Calories

According to this diet, it is recommended to drink plenty of water throughout the day. A few other suitable drinks are unsweetened tea, coffee or any other calorie-free beverage. The idea behind this rule is that you should only obtain your calories from nutritious foods and not any kind of beverage.

#4: No Fruits

Everyone adds fruits for a balanced diet. But according to this diet plan, fruits will not help when you are trying to lose weight. This is because the fructose (sugar in fruits) present in fruits can interrupt in weight loss, as it increases the blood fat levels and decreases fat-burning capacity. Also Read: All About GM Diet Plan: Pros & Cons of GM Diet Indian Version

#5: One Day Off Per Week

As we have already discussed the format of this diet plan, out of seven days a week you can choose one day off and make it your cheat day. You can eat whatever you want on the cheat day. On this day you need not follow any of the rules. This day is meant for you to indulge in your favourite beverages and desserts without any fear of gaining weight.

What You Should Eat?

After understanding the rules of a slow carb diet meal plan, you must be thinking about the food that you can include in your diet. Don't take the stress. We are going to share the five food groups that you can add to your diet easily. Here is the list of food that can be included in your slow carb diet food list:


For protein, you can have egg whites with 1-2 whole eggs, chicken breast or thigh, fish, pork and lactose-free, unflavored whey protein powder.


Legumes include Lentils, Black beans, Pinto beans, Red beans and Soybeans.


Spinach, Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale, Sauerkraut and kimchi, Asparagus, Peas and Green beans.


Butter, olive oil for low-heat cooking, grapeseed or macadamia oil for high-heat cooking, nuts such as almonds or Ghee.


Salt, garlic salt, white truffle sea salt or herbs. Note: Out of all five groups, you can have as much as you want of the first three groups and small quantities of the last two. You can also add many other food items, but always check the nutritional level before adding it to your meal.

Cheat Day

Cheat day is something that is meant to reduce the stress that comes with dieting. On this day you are not supposed to keep a count on the calories. This is like a holiday from a strict diet. The cheat day is used for psychological benefits, as well as its influence on hormonal changes. This day is based on the fact that refeeds can help raise leptin concentrations and metabolic rate. Also Read: 6 Benefits Of Seeing A Psychotherapist 

Final Words

In the above article, we have mentioned the meaning of a slow carb diet. We have also explained the five rules of this diet and what you can include in the slow carb meal diet plan. Without a cheat day, your low-carb diet is not complete. This is also a motivation to keep following the diet for a longer duration. Also Read: Diabetes Diet Plan: Foods to Eat and Avoid If you have further queries about your diet plan, then you can book an online appointment at Narayana Hospital Gurgaon.Take a advice to the best dietitian before starting any diet plan. We are here to help you in choosing the right doctor for your health. Speak to Credihealth medical experts at +918010994994 and get FREE personalized guidance.
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