What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Females?

Brain tumors can be difficult to diagnose, but certain symptoms of brain tumors in females are more common in than others. Get informed about your risk today!

What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Females?
What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Females?
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Undoubtedly, people must consider brain tumor as a very scary term every time. An individual must understand that both males as well females can end up with this deadly disease. But, a woman may wonder about the symptoms of a brain tumor in females. Following that, one needs to access early treatment options for defending the same. Eventually, a person can consult the best neurosurgeon in Bangalore for its treatment. A reader may go through this article to know more about the crucial symptoms of a female brain tumor. Moreover, a person can come across innumerable treatment options for this condition. 

Which are the top symptoms of Brain Tumors in Females?

Top symptoms of Brain Tumors in FemalesWell, a woman's symptoms of a brain tumor are quite similar to that of a man's. In general, an individual must note down the vital signs of this life-threatening disease.A few top symptoms of Brain tumors in females may include the following:
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Memory problems
  • Seizures
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Memory changes
  • Changes in the personality
  • Sleeping problems.

Which type of brain tumor is common in females?

Typically, doctors believe that meningioma is quite common in female individuals. Furthermore, a woman must go for a proper diagnosis of this dangerous condition. Ultimately, an individual must realize that meningioma is most common in females as compared to males. Eventually, one should know about the crucial signs of this disease beforehand. 

What is the prime cause of Brain Tumors?

Mostly, a person may develop a brain tumor when certain cells of the brain get damaged. An individual's brain cell changes in the DNA can end up in this medical condition. Furthermore, one must know that the cause underlying symptoms of brain tumors in females can have deadly outcomes.  A few prime causes of Brain tumors may include the following:

1.  Age

Usually, people can note that older individuals have the utmost risk of developing brain tumors. Besides that, one should realize that the risk of a brain tumor increases with age.

2. Family History

Most importantly, one should realize that 5 to 10% of cancers are inherited only. Furthermore, a person must go for regular diagnosis if family members have this disease. But, people without any family history of a brain tumor may also have a medical issue. 

3 Exposure to Radiation

An individual getting exposed to ionizing radiation can have a chance of developing a brain tumor. At times, one receiving high-radiation cancer therapy can also become the victim. Besides that, an individual working nearby nuclear fallout may also have an increased risk of this disease. 

4. Chemical Exposure

Normally, an individual getting exposed to harmful chemicals from the work environment can end up having the risk of a brain tumor as well. Eventually, one should know cancer-causing chemicals for their benefit.So, people may blame various factors for causing brain tumors in females as well as males. Furthermore, one needs to escape the potential cause of brain tumors as much as one can. 

Which diagnostic tests are used for Brain Tumors?

Generally, a doctor may diagnose a brain tumor by performing a physical examination. Besides that, neurosurgeons may go through a patient's medical history before going for a diagnosis. Moreover, a doctor may use a special instrument for looking into the eyes as well.Diagnostic tests for Brain TumorsA few diagnostic tests that are used for brain tumors may include the following:

1. MRI of the head

Typically, doctors can use a dye to detect brain tumors while performing an MRI of the head. In general, one must understand that radiation is not used in MRI scans. Ultimately, an individual may receive a more detailed picture of the head's structures with this diagnostic test. 

2. Biopsy

A neurosurgeon can obtain a small piece of brain tumor through biopsy. Following that, medical experts can rule out if the tumor is malignant or benign. Furthermore, doctors may determine the exact location of cancer through this test. 

3. Angiography

Here, a medical professional may inject dye in the groin area for checking out heart issues. Furthermore, neurosurgeons can check out the blood flow into the tumor in this manner. Eventually, an individual must note that this information can turn much more valuable during surgical intervention. 

4. CT Scan of the head

Doctors can get a more detailed picture of the head by making use of CT scans. Many times, doctors may use a contrast dye to checkout blood vessels more clearly. 

5. Skull X-rays

Normally, a neurosurgeon may make use of special X-rays for rule outbreaks or fractures. Besides that, doctors may pick up calcium deposits in the tumor with this diagnostic test.So, people must take note of all the above diagnostic tests for ruling out brain tumors. Eventually, doctors can plan treatment options for brain tumors accordingly. 

What are the best treatment options for brain tumors?

Specifically, neurosurgeons may consider several factors before planning the treatment options for a brain tumor. Mostly, a doctor needs to look at the size, shape, and location of the brain tumor. Besides that, neurosurgeons may provide treatment as per the type of brain tumor.A few treatment options for defending brain tumors may include the following:

Radiation Therapy

Doctors can make use of radiation therapy for effectively treating brain tumors. Mostly, an individual may go through a high dose of radiation beams for treating this disease.


A patient can go through anti-cancer drugs for killing cancer cells in the brain. Many times, individuals may receive it in the form of an injection or take it as pills. Furthermore, a cancer doctor can recommend chemotherapy after surgery for killing cancer cells. 

Targeted Therapy

Mostly, doctors can target specific features of cancer cells by using targeted therapy. Moreover, a patient facing issues with tolerating the side effects of chemotherapy can use this treatment. 


Individuals must note that the body's immune system for fighting off cancer cells. Furthermore, one's immune system can get stimulated by this treatment means.


People need to understand that brain tumors can be removed by using craniotomy. Many times, surgeons perform the surgical intervention by keeping patients awake. Ultimately, one must note that craniotomy can minimize damage to the brain's important parts. 

Palliative Care

An individual with having brain tumor can get relief from its symptoms by going through palliative care. Ultimately, caregivers can also get the required support by making use of this treatment. Moreover, one's quality of life can also get improved with palliative care.Therefore, people should note that there are multiple treatment options for brain tumors. Eventually, a neurosurgeon may check out the patient's overall health before administering any of them. 

Can you prevent Brain Tumor occurrence?

An individual can't prevent a brain tumor's occurrence by any other means. Following that, a person must escape environmental hazards for preventing this deadly disease.Furthermore, people having a family history of brain tumors may go for genetic counseling as well. Besides that, an individual must remain aware of the major symptoms of brain tumors also.


One should know that symptoms of brain tumors in females aren't different from that of males. In general, an individual needs to go through multiple symptoms of a brain tumor for their convenience. Besides that, one should understand brain tumor causes to their full extent. Furthermore, an individual needs to seek multiple options to treat this. Moreover, a person can seek simple preventive tips for eliminating its cause. Eventually, one can contact the best neurosurgeon in Bangalore for proper treatment.