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keto diet

What is a Keto Diet And How Does It Work

Fresh n’ Lean is thrilled to announce the launch of our Ketogenic Meal Plan. We’ve taken the hassle out of following a keto diet. You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about …

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pre pregnancy diet, pre pregnancy diet plan, best pre pregnancy diet

#LadiesAndBabies: Food To Eat Before Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in every women’s life. Without this, the life of some women may seem incomplete. But many face problems in conceiving. There could be multiple reasons …

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6 Best Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level Without Medication

Cholesterol is one of the essential substances that our body has. It is a fat-like substance that the body needs to form hormones, essentials nutrients such as Vitamin D, and …

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hypothyroidism diet

Best Diet For Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism – What To Eat & Avoid

The thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped gland plays an important role in regulating a number of metabolic processes throughout the day. A patient suffering from thyroid condition experiences affected the efficiency …

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7 Signs of Anemia during Pregnancy

7 Signs of Anemia During Pregnancy

Ladies, feeling sluggish? In case you’re drained to the point that you frequently experience difficulty tending to your routine life, anemia might be to blame. And if you’re pregnant, anemia …

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6 Unhealthy Effects of Sweets on Your Body

This would translate to about six teaspoons of sugar per day. Let’s take a look at what sugar does to your body: #1 Extra weight Indulging in extra sweets tend …

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Grow Taller Myths Debunked

How To Grow Taller: Myths vs Facts

“Snowhite’s dwarf, cupcakes, mini packet.” These are some names we designate to short people in the spirit of humour. And though it is all meant for fun, we understand that short …

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Do Multivitamins Work? What Do The Experts Say About It?

A lot of people have a very hard time letting go of multivitamins. They think the only way to good health is by adding multivitamins to their routine habits. But …

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bad eating habit

5 Common Eating Habit Mistakes

No matter how many healthy snacks you eat or how often you exercise, a lot of people end up making the same mistakes when it comes to eating healthily. Are your eating habits also coming in …

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10 Ways To Inject Some Green Into Your Diet

In a world where the unhealthy food seems to get tastier and tastier, it can be very tempting to skimp on the greenery when you’re putting together your meal plan. …

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Pasta linked to weight loss

Eating Pasta Linked to Weight Loss, Says Study

Have you been craving for pasta but you think your weight loss goals may get affected? Well, according to a recent research, not anymore. How you ask? Read on! There …

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fast food and cancer

Fast Food & Cancer – Is there a relation?

There has been a lot of discussion about the ill effects of eating fast food. It has been generally linked to a lot of health conditions like obesity, hypertension, hyper-cholesterolemia …

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gm diet veg - gm diet plan veg - gm diet vegetarian

Vegetarian GM Diet Plan: Lose Fat in Just 7 Days

Are you planning to lose weight or get in shape for the summer? Well, read on to find out how you can lose about 15 pounds or 6.8 Kgs within …

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benefits of cloves, health benefits of cloves

Understand Health Benefits Of Cloves Before You Regret

Cloves or ‘laung’ are one of the many spices used for thousands of years in Asian countries like India, China and others. Benefits of cloves are manifold as they are …

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cooked rice

Leftover Rice Could Make You Very Sick

Do you plan on using the excess rice left in the dinner yesterday in the meals for today? You shouldn’t until you’ve read this article in its entirety. Recent studies …

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Piles home remedies in hindi

How to Lose Weight and Detox after Diwali

It goes without a shadow of a doubt that Diwali is the sweetest occasion in the world. It’s during Diwali that one faces the temptation to indulge in one mithai …

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girls eating gain weight

10 Tips To Help Your Child Gain Weight

Most parents are worried about their child’s weight. A child who is thin in comparison to other children who are the same age – can send parents into a panic. …

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Top 10 Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Top 10 Foods That can Lower Your Cholesterol Level Naturally

Millions of people on the internet search for a better health guide to help them with controlling their cholesterol levels. They want quick and easy “to do tips” and tricks …

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tips to feed your picky eater

10 Tips To Feed Your Picky Eater

Are you the parent of a picky eater? Don’t worry. Don’t be sad. Don’t get depressed. As almost every child is a picky eater at some point in life. Picky …

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low carb indian diet - low carb indian food

Low Carb Indian Diet For Beginners – Ultimate Guide

Has all the rage about growing muscles and losing fat gone to your head? Well, don’t worry, we’ll ease your way into the fitness world with minor changes to your …

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