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Teens Health: Eating disorders, sexual health & more

Teens health: What is the right weight for my height? 

The right weight depends on several factors:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Built and body fat percentage
  • Body Mass Indicator (BMI) tool is a great way to find the exact weight for any particular height
  • Teens should involve themselves in physical activities and regularly exercise.
  • Exercising does not have to be a structured programme. Activities like skate boarding, cycling, etc. can be of great help.

Eating disorders?

Eating disorder primarily refers to an abnormal eating habit which may be both insufficient or excessive eating habits.

Binge eating?

  • Binge eating is when a person has no control over eating.
  • People mostly indulge in binge eating to cope up with stress

Taking care of teens health: Drugs, smoking, alcohol –why bad for health?

Ill-effects of drugs

  • Severely detrimental effect on both mental and physical health
  • Schizophrenia
  • Asthma
  • Death (due to drug overdose)

Ill-effects of smoking

  • Lung cancer
  • Damages liver and heart
  • Impotence
  • Gum disease
  • Weight gain

Ill-effects of alcohol consumption

  • Indistinct speech
  • Confused behaviour
  • Memory loss
  • Motor impairment
  • Lack of concentration
  • Breathing trouble
  • Liver damage
  • Death

How to deal with anxiety, bad moods, cutting and depression?

  • Follow a proper routine
  • Exercise
  • Avoid drinking
  • Socialize
  • Learn to face fears
  • Visit a therapist

Peer pressure?

Peer pressure refers to the influence that a teen’s friends or friends of friends may have on him in terms of values, style, thought process, attitude and behaviour. This would be expected for him to follow in order to conform to the group norms.


Teens have the freedom to choose friends. However, parental guidance is always a safe bet.


Dating means when two people meet each other with the intention of understanding each other more on a romantic level.

Healthy relationship?

Healthy Relationship is when two people enjoy spending time together and can ask for help from each other.

The key factors to healthy relationship are:

  • Take your own responsibility and be transparent to your partner
  • Have a clear communication between each other
  • Be ready to forgive each other
  • Spend quality time together

What is social phobia?

This is a kind of Social Anxiety Disorder – a continuous fear of being around people. Teens that have social phobia generally suffers from low self-esteem and fear being criticized. Socially phobic teens avoid talking to interacting with new people, talking to them over phone and working with them.

How many hours should I sleep?

Teens should get about nine hours of sleep every day.

Safe sex?

Safe sex refers to taking all precautionary measures during sexual activity to avoid pregnancy, stay protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

Sex myths and truths?

  • Withdrawal means birth control – Not true as pregnancy can still occur
  • Oral sex is safe – Misconception as if one is in contact with body fluid of infected person can catch infection
  • Pills protect against STD – Wrong as pills just protect from pregnancy
  • No pregnancy during menstrual cycle – Not always right as some women are still fertile during periods

Sexual harassment / sexual bullying?

Sexual bullying or harassment refers to comments, action, offending statements targeting a person’s looks, body parts or sexual orientation. Sexual harassment may be oral or by action and likewise bullying can be done by sending improper text, pictures or video.




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