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Tickling in Throat: Causes and Treatments

Most people must have experienced some tickling in their throat, and cough can accompany it. There can be a purpose in getting rid of the mucus, and an inhaled substance or an irritant can also cause this Tickling in the throat. To get rid of this tickling, you must remove any allergens that cause this tickle in the throat. 

The key to getting rid of whatever is stuck in the throat can be understanding the cause of the tickling throat and looking for different treatment options to help delay this tickling. In this blog, we will look at these remedies and causes for Tickling in the throat.

What is a tickling throat?

A tickling in the throat can be due to inflammation of the voice box and can be due to sinusitis, and a sore throat can be due to a natural reaction to foreign substances or irritation in the throat. This cough can cause a tickly throat that can become chronic or lingering for some time.

How does one feel when they have a tickling throat?

A tickling in the throat can feel like a snag or rough patch in the back of the mouth, leading to a hoarse voice and difficulty sleeping for many people. In addition, the throat can feel irritated and sore if the tickle is due to post-nasal drip. Many people can also feel lumps in their throats, leading to tonsil swelling.

It unusually feels similar to the pain, swelling, and inflammation people might think of during a cold or cough situation. Though in cases the pain is unbearable, it will be better to get in touch with your doctors.

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What are the causes of tickling in the throat?

There can be many reasons for the development of sore throat, and some of these are-

  • Nasal or post-nasal drips after infections.
  • Sinus Issues
  • Sore throat
  • Inflammation of the voice box
  • Asthma
  • Environmental stresses and irritants.
  • Dehydration
  • GERD
  • Chronic or acute cough

About 75% of people can experience ticking in the throat due to acid reflux, which can be due to heartburn and after exercising.

Patients should contact the doctor if there are frequent tickles in the throat due to exercising. It can also cause exercise-induced bronchoconstriction or exercise-induced asthma.

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Remedies for throat tickle –

Treatment of remedies for tickling in the throat can help in resolving the conditions-

To treat this tickling, you will have to check the causes of the tickling, and then there can be different reasons for dealing with the condition.

Post nasal drip –

If you have developed a tickle in the throat, post-nasal drip can be dealt with by causes of mucus production, such as allergens, bacteria, viral infections, and GERD. But, most of the time, there can be depth with available home remedies like salt gargling and ginger tea.

Bacterial or viral infections –

Suppose the cause of the tickling in the throat is a bacterial or viral infection. In that case, this can be helpful to treat with anti-inflammatory medication like Over-the-counter medication and rating or with home remedies. In addition, bacteria like streptococcus can be entirely beneficial in treating antibacterial medicines.

Allergies –

To get rid of the hotcake in the throat due to allergens, you should try eliminating that allergen, like pollen in the air. You can also take medication like an antihistamine to help with the tickling or the inflammatory reactions.

Sinus infection –

Sinus can be a common cause of ticking in the throat. And can be dealt with bacterial infections, and OTC pain relievers and nasal treatments help with bacterial infections.


People can treat this by combining home-based and lifestyle changes such as sleeping and with the head elevated and modified eating and drinking habits.

ACE inhibitors –

Using these inhibitors as a medication for hypertension, higher blood pressure, and conditions like dry cough and tickling in the throat. That can provide relief in more than 10 % of cases.

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Asthma –

It is a chronic lung condition wherein the lungs are inflamed and the airways are narrowed, making it difficult to breathe, and these can be relieved only by taking a prepared prescription from the doctor. In addition, they can help develop a treatment plan to help deal with these conditions.

Home remedies for dealing with a tickle in the throat?

A tickling in the throat can be relieved by using the following remedies:

  • Hot tea with lemon or honey can be best for relieving the pain and inflammation caused by tickling in the throat, and it is easy to make.
  • Hot soup – similarly to hot tea, this provides a comforting relief to the threat
  • A tonic made from hot water, lemon juice, honey, and cayenne pepper can relieve swelling and swollen glands. Make this mixture strong for the body.
  • Drinking more water – and throat condition can be best relieved by drinking more and more water.
  • Using a humidifier to keep the air from becoming too dry can help improve room conditions and make you feel better.
  • Gargle to ease throat discomfort – saltwater gargles can also help with pain and swelling.

When to see a doctor in case of tickling in the throat?

People can be treating tickling in the throat at home, but in the following conditions, you should get in touch with the doctor-

A tickling in the throat can be like lingering for more than three weeks.

A tickling in the throat that is adversely affecting sleeping.

You should check with your doctor before self-diagnosis and treating the medication at home. 

FAQs –

Why does my throat tickle me?

A tickling in the throat can be due to irritation in the upper airways, which can cause lung inflammation.

How can one stop a tickling cough?

A tickling cough can be dealt with after taking care of the condition that causes this tickling in the throat.

What is the natural remedy for an itchy throat?

You can treat an itchy or tickling throat at home by gargling with salt water.

How long does tickling in the coughs last?

Tickling in the throat can last about three to four weeks or more, depending on your suffering conditions.

Conclusion –

There can be many reasons for the ticking in the throat, like environmental pollutants, pollen, allergies, and different bacterial or viral infections like the common cold, cough, and flu. When you have tickling in the throat, gargling with salt water can help relieve the condition of the throat and relieve inflammation and swelling in the throat. 

If the pain is unbearable, contact your doctor; you can also try the remedies mentioned in the blog. Try to check with your doctor if you take any other medications, as that can result in the interaction among your medications.

If you have any more issues with your Tickling in the throat, kindly visit us at Surya Hospital Pune!

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