10 Reasons Why Your Urine Smells Bad

Why do my urine smells bad? This post provides ten potential explanations from an underlying medical condition to something as simple as dehydration.

10 Reasons Why Your Urine Smells Bad
10 Reasons Why Your Urine Smells Bad
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No one pays attention during bathroom breaks, but checking if you have smelly urine is crucial as it can suggest different reasons and underlying conditions. The urine itself has a natural smell of ammonia. That is because it consists of ammonia. Ammonia has an odor, and it is excreted in the urine. Urine helps in filtering the blood and removes waste. The strength and the type of odor can depend on different factors like diet, hydration, and medications. But Why do my urine smells bad? I'm curious if it's because I haven't been drinking enough water lately. Well, there can be various causes for it.  In this blog, we have mentioned some reasons why a person has their urine smell bad. 

Why does my urine smell?

Why does my urine smell Ammonia can be associated with pee, which can cause a foul smell. But to know the details, the urine consists of ammonia, calcium, sodium, urea, and 95% water. Therefore, there is a strong smell in the urine when you are dehydrated, and urinary waste products can be more concentrated, resulting in more pungent-smelling urine.  Unless there are concerning symptoms like burning and pain when you pee or you need to use the bathroom more often, and the blood or urine and they probably do not need to worry, the smelly urine can be an indicator of a medical condition like diabetes, liver disease, renal failure, kidney stones or UTI. A rule of thumb can be checked in with the doctor and can persist for several days, and illnesses can develop, such as fever and malaise, pain in the back and lower abdomen, or vomiting.

Possible Causes of Urine Smell Bad -  

Urine can have an unpleasant odor due to various factors. Here are some possible causes of bad-smelling urine: Causes of Urine Smell Bad

1. Dehydration-

Dehydration in the body can give the urine a strong smell and make it appear dark in color. It is the way the body informs you that you need to drink water as soon as possible. In dehydration, the smell of the urine is terrible as the urine turns from light to dark yellow. This concentration of ammonia and other salts can result in this strong smell. Remedy- If you are dehydrated, carry a bottle of water and drink water as soon as you can. The more transparent the urine is, the better it is for the body.

2. You have eaten vegetables that result in a strong smell-

After eating asparagus, the urine can become smelly afterward, and you are not alone, as 40 percent of people can smell the difference in their pee when they eat veggies. So there will be a difference in the smell. Other food items resulting in such a smell include brussels sprouts, onions, spices, garlic and curry, salmon, and alcohol. Remedy- Avoid food items that can result in a stinky smell in the urine. Read Also: Blood in urine? It might be Hematuria

3. Eating foods with a higher concentration of salt-

A high salt concentration diet can give this concentrated scent that what the pee used to be an excess of salt can be the reason for dehydration because sodium draws the water out of the cell and the blood. One of the ways is to slash the salt, and the food feels better, and the urine won't smell.  Remedy- Avoid food items that are higher in salt content, which can result in a stinky smell in the urine.

4. Drinking a cup of coffee-

Many people notice an exciting odor when they consume a cup of coffee, and the urologist usually asks for the number of cups before submitting urine samples. The smelly dark urine odor is due to the coffee metabolize, and since coffee is diuretic, it can cause dehydrated urine with a smell in it. Remedy- Avoid coffee or keep it at a limit to avoid dehydration and smelly urine.

5. UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)-

Another common reason for a smelly odor is a urinary tract infection, commonly medical concerning the smelly urine. Uti is more prevalent in people because their urethras tend to be shorted and have inviting bacteria to their bladder.  Usually, the smell is due to the strong ammonia and that you have a UTI. The areas in the bacteria can make the urine appear cloudy and give the telltale burning or peeling sensation in the body. Remedy- If you suspect an infection, get in touch with your doctor. And on a course of antibiotics to get rid of the UTI after getting an appointment with your regular healthcare.

6. You may have diabetes or prediabetes-

One of the reasons for smelly urine can be a prediabetic or diabetic condition. However, even before you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should check your urine for a sweet-smelling and fruity smell that can suggest that the kidney is removing the extra sugar present in the body that is not processed by the body. This smell indicated that the body could not regulate the extra sugar present in it. 

7. You have kidney stones-

Kidney stones can be hard masses that can form certain chemicals in the kidney that urine crystallizes and result in the development of kidney stones. So it is not too shocking that kidney stones cause the smell of urine. While a kidney stone tries to make its way out of the body, it causes a backup of urine that results in foul-smelling pee that may look cloudy. Remedy- Try to get rid of kidney stones as soon as you can with the help of your doctor to get rid of the stinky smell. Read Also: How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Urine?

8. Yeast infection-

Itchy yeast infections can happen when a naturally occurring fungus lives in the vagina and can grow in the wild. Every person has different bacteria, and the yeat gets the hint that it is time to develop the antibiotics that can result in the growth of these yeast bacteria. Otc treatments can and microbiome can help in getting rid of the increased discharge. Remedy- Get on a course of antibiotics to get rid of the yeast infection after getting an appointment with your regular health care. The antibiotic can have a different smell in the urine, so do not worry about it.

9. You are pregnant-

The hormone changes make it possible for the bay to grow and can make the peel smell different. In addition, urine can have some pungent smell from the hormones produced during the pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Still, it is not necessarily a hinge change in the pee but rather the ability to smell it. Women generally have an increased sense of smell while they pee. 

10. Having an STI-

An STI can cause foul-smelling urine chlamydia is the culprit for trichomoniasis, an asexually transmitted parasite that can show mild symptoms, and their onsets wait too long, they could progress, making smelly peel the least of your problem. Remedy- Get on a course of antibiotics to get rid of the sexually transmitted infection after getting an appointment with your regular health care. Also Read: 10 Common Diagnostic Urology Test


There can be many reasons for smelly urine. Some can be dehydration, diabetic conditions, and urinary tract infections. Though smelly urine is not always serious or needs to be addressed. You should pay attention to the color and symptoms. If they are present for longer than a week, it becomes crucial to get in touch with your doctor and get rid of the underlying medical conditions. Check the levels, color, and concentration of your urine, and do not be scared of smelly urine, as it can directly impact lifestyle and diet changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one stop smelly urine?

If you are dehydrated, you can see changes in the urine as it becomes darker and yellow and can give a pungent smell. Staying hydrated can help with the chemical, so the odor avoids coffee.

What causes a foul smell in urine?

One of the most common reasons for the strong-smelling urine can be pee dehydration and can also be due to concentrated ammonia, which gives a pungent smell.

Can a smelly use suggest an infection?

Yes, soul-smelling urine can suggest symptoms of a urinary tract infection. It can cause the symptoms of cloudy urine and an urgent need to urinate, and a burning sensation while urinating. So the foul smell can be a symptom of a urinary tract infection.

What to get rid of smelly urine at home?

One home remedy includes mixing baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and dish detergents. Combining the three can be powerful enough to get rid of smelly urine.