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What are less known alternative treatments for breast cancer (aside from the standard treatment procedures)?

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As you know, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, along with targeted treatments, gene therapy, laser and a few others are the standard traditional procedures for cancer treatment; they are called that because they have a proven track record and you can look up research results and find out that those results can be duplicated every single time the research trial is done.

Any treatment except the standard procedures, commonly known as alternative treatment has not yet been proven in research studies to work. Either it never works, works poorly or the results of the research cannot be duplicated. How much do you want to gamble on your own life? Or that of your loved ones with cancer? Beware of the scams because a lot of things will kill cancer cells in the lab but they don't work under conditions in the body because the lab can use all sorts of caustic things and strange mediums in the petri dishes that the body cannot withstand. You don't want a treatment that will kill you before it kills the cancer.