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    How to check if you are healthy or not?

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    #ART is something I am02 February 2018 at 14:26

    According to Jason Shon Bennett to get an estimate of your health or doing a basic health check, answer the following 35 questions completely honestly. If none of the answers exactly applies to you, just choose the one closest to your situation.

    This questionnaire is loosely designed to give you a reality check on your diet and lifestyle habits. It does not include a full physical or a thorough blood test (both of which is recommended). It does not take into account your family history, genetics and the diet and lifestyle you have followed for the last 20 years – all of which are important. Please see this as a simple way to look at your health status based on the habits you have today creating the illnesses of tomorrow. As 90%+ of us in modern societies die of preventable illness, then most of us are already pre-ill. To avoid the modern diseases, changes must be made to your habits today. What are the habits you have today that are creating your future disease rates? Drinking too much? Smoking? Eating a constipating diet? Avoiding rest and sleep? Living a high-stress sedentary lifestyle? Not eating 10 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily? Too much gluten, sugar, fat and salty processed foods? These are the things that are killing most of us. So when you do this questionnaire, look for “What am I currently doing” and “What can I do better?” There are always things we can improve on and learn. If you end up with a score of 20 yet you feel fine and want to keep doing what you are currently doing, then disregard this information and carry on! There is no golden diet for everyone. This is not designed to stress you out, merely to have you consider what parts of your daily routines and habits can be improved. Take from this what is helpful and throw away the rest, OK? 

    Health Questionnaire

    Question 1: Do you smoke?

    • Yes, I currently smoke (minus 20 points)
    • I smoke occasionally or I live with a smoker (minus 10 points)
    • I used to smoke but have given up/I spend time around smokers (minus 5 points)
    • I have never smoked and I do not spend time in smoky environments (3 points)

    Question 2: Do you drink alcohol?

    • Yes I drink daily and I get drunk regularly (minus 10 points)
    • I drink 1-2 glasses most days (0 points) 
    • Not regularly at home but I will have a quite a few when out (0 points)
    • I drink a glass or two of good-quality red wine on special occasions (2 points)
    • I do not drink at all (3 points)

    Question 3: Do you eat sugar?

    • Yes I love lollies, chocolates and eat sweet treats often (minus 10 points)
    • I eat mainly processed foods (that are filled with sugar) (minus 5 points)
    • I try to stick to a low added-sugar diet (0 points)
    • I do not eat any added sugar at all (3 points)

    Question 4: Do you eat processed meat, red meat or chicken daily?

    • Yes, I am a meat-lovin’ carnivore baby! I eat meat most days (minus 5 points)
    • Yes but from my own flock of certified organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed, pet animals that I kill myself (0 points)
    • I eat meat but only lean cuts two or three times per week (0 points)
    • I eat meat only if it is served to me (1 point)
    • No, I am a vegetarian and I do not eat meat at all (3 points)

    Question 5: How many servings of raw or lightly cooked leafy green vegetables do you eat every day?

    • What are leafy green vegetables? I always eat the lettuce in the hamburger bun (0 points)
    • I might have them if they are in the fridge sometimes (1 point)
    • I try to eat greens in my lunch and dinner whenever I can (2 points)
    • I eat raw or steamed leafy green vegetables with lunch and dinner most days (3 points)

    Question 6: How many servings of other vegetables do you eat per day?

    • I eat hot chips most days – does that count? (minus 5 points)
    • I eat cooked vegetables most days (1 point)
    • I eat mainly vegetables for lunch and dinner (3 points)

    Question 7: Do you drink cola/soft/energy/fizzy/soda drinks?

    • Yes, they are delicious; I have them every day because the adverts tell me that if I drink them I will be young, gorgeous, carefree, sexy and thin! (minus 5 points)
    • I buy them and drink them regularly when thirsty (0 points)
    • I do not buy them but will sometimes have one if offered (1 point)
    • I do not drink them at all and I do not have them in the house (3 points)

    Question 8: Are you within a few pounds or kilos of your ideal weight?

    • No, I am at least 30kg over my ideal weight (minus 5 points)
    • No, I am about 10kg over my ideal weight (0 points)
    • Yes, I am only a few kg overweight (1 point)
    • Yes, I am genuinely the exact weight I think is healthiest for me (3 points)

    Question 9: Do you take daily prescription medications?

    • Yes, I am on a permanent mixture of 3-4 medications (minus 5 points)
    • Yes, I take one blood thinning/statin/cholesterol pill daily (0 points)
    • No, I only take them when sick, such as antibiotics or painkillers (1 point)
    • No, I never take prescription drugs (3 points)

    Question 10: Do you have three solid easy bowel motions daily?

    • No, I go once every second day at most (minus 5 points)
    • No, I go once daily (0 points)
    • No, I go twice daily (2 points)
    • Yes, I go three times every day like clockwork (3 points)

    Question 11: How are your energy levels?

    • Energy? What is that? I had some once when I was young I think (0 points)
    • My energy levels are ok mostly but I do get tired regularly (1 point)
    • I jump out of bed and feel amazing most days (3 points)

    Question 12: Do you get 8 hours' sleep each night?

    • Ha! Not a chance, I am out till 3am (minus 5 points)
    • I try to be in bed before midnight when I can (0 points)
    • Yes, I am regularly in bed at 10pm(ish) and up at 6am(ish) (3 points)

    Question 13: How does your skin look? 
    (Ask someone who is willing to tell you the truth)

    • I look much older than I am, I have wrinkles, dry, patchy or raw skin and I have regular skin problems such as rashes, psoriasis or eczema (0 points)
    • I look older than I am, I have dull, overly-wrinkled skin and I have regular skin problems (1 point)
    • I look about my age, or a bit younger, my skin can be youthful or stressed, I do not have regular skin problems (2 points)
    • I look 10 to 15 years younger than I am, my skin glows, I have few wrinkles and a very even smooth complexion (3 points)

    Question 14: Do you fast regularly? 
    (By ‘fasting’ I mean just freshly made green vegetable juices and water only for a period)

    • Fasting, isn’t that starvation? (0 points)
    • Fasting means not eating for a day? Forget that! (0 points)
    • I fast once a year to clean out my system (2 points)
    • I fast regularly as part of my monthly routine (3 points)

    Question 15: Do you regularly eat too much?

    • Um, if that means eating three Big Macs in one sitting then yes (minus 10 points)
    • I often eat too much when I am enjoying it! (0 points)
    • Occasionally I pig out but it is not daily behavior (1 point)
    • I always try to stop eating when I am 80% full (3 points) 

    Question 16: How many pieces of fresh, raw fruit do you consume in a day?

    • I don’t like fruit but I drink fruit juice. Does fruit juice count? (0 points)
    • I eat tinned fruit and I have fruit sometimes if it is available (1 point)
    • I try to eat some fresh fruit most days (2 points)
    • I eat 3-4 pieces of fresh fruit daily (3 points)

    Question 17: Do you eat packaged, extruded breakfast cereals (puffs, pops, bix, flakes etc)?

    • Yes they are a good start to the day with milk and sugar (minus 5 points)
    • Yes but only as a treat on the weekends (1 point)
    • Nope, it never makes it to my shopping trolley (3 points)

    Question 18: Do you regularly and easily walk for 30 minutes at a good pace outside in nature?

    • Nope, walking is a waste of my time (0 points)
    • I take the kids to the park on the weekend and walk around a bit (1 point)
    • I try to get a good walk in a few times each week (2 points)
    • I walk most days at a good pace outside in the sunshine (3 points)

    Question 19: Do you exercise daily?

    • Yes, if you mean getting up in the advert breaks to get another beer (0 points)
    • I try to get to the gym a few times a week but I am often too busy (1 point)
    • Yes I exercise as part of my regular daily routine (3 points)

    Question 20: Do you mostly make your own meals?

    • Yup, I put the frozen meal in the microwave and push the buttons all by myself! (0 points)
    • I make my own breakfast and some of my other meals (2 points)
    • Yes either my better half or I make almost all our meals each week (3 points)

    Question 21: How much direct sunlight on your skin are you exposed to in an average week?

    • Sunlight is dangerous so I avoid it. I have done for years (0 points)
    • I like to get a little sun on my skin when I can (2 points)
    • I walk under direct sunlight on my skin most days (3 points)

    Question 22: Do you eat a huge salad most days?

    • Nope, salads are to make meat on the BBQ look good (minus 10 points)
    • I buy salad vegetables with my shopping each week and eat them when I have time (1 point)
    • Yes, I eat at least one good-sized salad daily (3 points)

    Question 23: Do you eat white bread/pastries/cakes/biscuits/lollies?

    • Only for lunch, afternoon tea and pudding (minus 10 points)
    • Only as a treat if they are offered to me (1 point)
    • Nope, only at Christmas or very special occasions (3 points)

    Question 24: Do you eat takeaways each week such as hamburgers or pizza?

    • Yes, I have a direct credit set up at the local takeaways (minus 10 points)
    • We have takeaways once a week or as an emergency only (1 point)
    • Takeaways are less than once monthly but enjoyed when we do (3 points)

    Question 25: During winter is it common for you to get sick?

    • Yes I get a few colds, coughs, bugs or flu each year (0 points)
    • I usually get one bug but that is about it (1 point)
    • Nope I never catch the flu regardless of how “terrible it is this year” (3 points)

    Question 26: Do you have a regular wake-time, exercise-time, meal-time and sleep-time?

    • Nope, I have no routine at all (0 points)
    • Yes I try to have a routine as much as I can when I am not stressed (1 point)
    • Yes, I wake, exercise, eat and sleep at roughly the same time most days (3 points)

    Question 27: Are you carrying abdominal fat around your waist?  

    • Yes, I am often mistaken for a large apple or a tire (minus 5 points) 
    • Yes, probably a couple of handfuls (0 points)
    • Nope, I have a svelte slim tummy (3 points)

    Question 28: Do you find time to regularly sit quietly and relax, meditate or snooze?

    • WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I HAVE NO TIME! (minus 5 points)
    • Yes, I try to get a wee snooze every day mid-afternoon (2 points)
    • I try to stop and smell the flowers most days but do not always achieve it (1 point)
    • I meditate in the mornings as part of my daily routine (3 points)

    Question 29: Do you feel pain, stiffness or inflammation most days?

    • Yes my body aches in all kinds of places most days (0 points)
    • Occasionally I feel sore/aches/pains (1 point)
    • No, I never feel soreness unless I am injured (3 points)

    Question 30: Do you rely on man-made vitamin pills for your “extra nutrition”?

    • Yes those things are a life-saver as they give me “all I need” (minus 5 points)
    • I take man-made vitamin pills only in times of stress or extreme need (2 points)
    • No, I get all my nutrition from my raw, sprouted, fermented foods and superfoods, and locally-grown fruits and vegetables (3 points)

    Question 31: How flexible are you?  

    • I can touch my head with both arms at the same time no worries (0 points)
    • I do yoga occasionally and I stretch regularly (2 points)
    • I am a human octopus. I can bend my leg over my shoulder and around the back of my head till I can scratch my bum with my toenails (3 points)

    Question 32: Are you stressed, nervous or uptight much of the time?

    • What? No! Who said that? It wasn’t me! Shut up! What?! (0 points)
    • I sometimes get wound up about my life and snap at people (1 point)
    • No, it takes me a lot to get riled and stressed, nobody gets out alive anyway so why worry? (3 points)

    Question 33: Do you eat a raw (uncooked) meal every day?

    • What is raw? Doesn’t that make you sick? (0 points)
    • I guess I do with my fruit and salad meals some days (1 point)
    • Yes, I make sure I eat a mainly-raw breakfast or lunch every day (3 points)

    Question 34: Are you strong?  Can you lift and hold your own bodyweight?

    • I can get out of the armchair by myself most days (0 points)
    • I can hang from a bar and climb a tree quite easily (2 points)
    • I can hit 25 push-ups with good posture, I can do handstands (3 points)

    Question 35: Do you eat fermented or homemade sprouted foods daily? 

    • What does ‘fermented’ mean? Sprouts? Ugh no! (0 points)
    • I buy sprouts and miso from the supermarket (2 points)
    • Yes, I start the day with a little apple cider vinegar in warm water and I make my own sprouts (3 points)

    Now, total your scores.


    How did you do to find out if you are healthy or not?

    Add up your score and you will have a number between 0 and 100. Zero being nearly dead and 100 being Superman.

    Rating 0 to 25 is SICK AND UNWELL. You are sick, you have dis-ease of some sort that is already diagnosed (obesity, pain, inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, bowel or digestive problems, arthritis, cancer…), you take daily medication, you are exhausted all the time, you are coughing and ‘ahem’ing all day long, you look much older than your actual age, your skin is lifeless, you are constipated (going every second day), you feel pain most of the time, you are overweight or obese, you do not exercise, you are unfit and your immune system is wiped out (you catch every bug that is going around).

    Rating 26 to 50 is PRE-ILL. You are feeling tired most of the time, you look older than your actual age, your skin is dull, you are constipated (going maybe once a day), you feel pain and stiffness regularly, you have a layer of fat around your abdominal area, you are overweight, you do not exercise much at all, you are unfit and your immune system is run down (you catch colds).

    Rating 51 to 75 is HEALTHY. You feel ok most of the time, you are able to work but get tired regularly, you go once or twice daily most days, you look younger than you are on a good day, you are carrying a little extra weight but not too much, you exercise a few times per week but often get injured, you are without illness symptoms but you are occasionally sick. You look in the mirror and are mostly ok with what you see.

    Rating 76 to 100 gives you EXCEPTIONAL HEALTH. You feel great almost all of the time, full of energy and vitality, your skin is glowing, you look 10 to 15 years younger than you are, you are very rarely sick, you go three times every day, you are able to work all day then make love all night (but you get plenty of rest), you can be around sick people and not catch the bugs, you have a cheerful attitude and nothing seems to weigh you down, you exercise most days, you can walk for hours, you have a strong supportive network of friends and family, and you are very fit, strong and flexible.

    If you scored anywhere below 70 then I would recommend you to visit some good Doctor. Have a nice day.

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    Dt. Neha Suryawanshi

    credihealthVerified Dietician
    Member since 07 February 201807 May 2018 at 17:57

    Done with the body composition analysis test and nutrition assessment. 

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    Dt. Neha Suryawanshi

    credihealthVerified Dietician
    Member since 07 February 201811 May 2018 at 11:00

    Do the body composition analysis test done.