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    My nephew is 25 year old. He is having a galbladder Polyp size 6.7 mm in incidental findings. There is no pain or any other symptoms . He is research scholar at IIT Kharagpur. Kindly advise this will subside or any surgery is needed.

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    Dr. Satish Chandra

    Medical ExpertMedical Expert
    Team Lead25 October 2018 at 09:30

    Dear All,

    • The treatment depends on the growth and size of the polyps
    • Does the patient also have Gallstones?
    • Though 95% of the gallbladder polyps are non canceraus.5% above 1CM size would be an indication to consult a Medical Oncologist/Surgical Gastroenterologist
    • Kindly share us the reports or talk to our medical expert for better assessment