It is the 17th week of pregnancy and you (along with your baby) have a lot of space-making to do. With the growth spurt taking place inside your 17 weeks pregnant belly, you can anticipate a lot of changes.

What is the 17th Week of Pregnancy All About?

By 17 weeks pregnant, you have a profound baby bump, so brace yourself for belly rubs (or deny it politely in case you don’t find it comfortable). Here’s everything you need to know about this week.


Your little one will grow drastically in the coming time, so this week your body will prepare itself for all the changes. It will make some major adjustments, especially in your 17 weeks pregnant belly to accommodate the growth of your fetus.

This week you can much on all your heart wishes to. Your appetite will see a spike as the troubling symptoms wash away from the body. Basically, your baby is growing at a fast speed and it demands a lot of food. So delve into those temptations because the guest in your belly will dial up the womb service (pun intended) several times.

You can say goodbye to seeing your waist for some time. At 17 weeks pregnant, your womb would move up out of the pelvis making the waist disappear. Your bump would be the highlight.

At 17 weeks pregnant, your hormones would create stuffiness in the nose that would lead to snoring. But don’t worry, take as much as rest you require without worrying about the sounds you make in sleep. You may also become more sensitive to allergens this week.


At 17 weeks baby’s size is that of a turnip. You can also picture your fetus’ size to be similar to that of a large onion. Your baby has started to prepare itself for life on earth (How responsible!). It is now majorly practicing skills that are required for feeding – sucking and swallowing.

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The baby’s sense of hearing is also escalating. It will be able to hear your voice, so tell your little one about how much you love it already. Remember the thin layer of skin? it is now starting to get covered with fat stores. This fat is known as adipose tissue which helps keep the baby warm. It also plays a key role in metabolism.

The tiny heart of your tiny baby is now being regulated by its brain. Your baby’s heart would be pumping twice as fast as yours. Moreover, the stamp of your baby’s unique identity aka its fingertips is forming in the 17th week of pregnancy. The bone tissues in the baby’s feet would also get stronger.

17 weeks baby size would be more proportional to the body and the head balance. The baby’s umbilical cord would also strengthen and becomes thicker.

Symptoms in the 17th week of pregnancy

When you are 17 weeks pregnant, your symptoms are more easing and do not irk a lot. Common signs include:

  • Increased appetite
  • Stretch marks begin to show
  • Occasional headaches
  • Faintness or dizziness
  • Heartburn
  • Problems with digestion
  • Pain in back
  • Growth in breasts

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Suggestions For the 17th Week of Pregnancy

As your 17 weeks pregnant belly stretches, you will find yourself happier. Most couples are elated with the joy of pregnancy as the bump shows up. Nonetheless, it requires more care. Tips for this week are:

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