If you want to take advantage of the multitude of beneficial healing herbs that are out there, but you’re also someone who likes to have as much control over their diet and what they put into their body, then why not grow these herbs yourself?

There’s a lot of different healing herbs, each of which boasting their own advantages, and some of them are very well suited to growing in your own garden. You can reap the rewards of both gardening and herbs if you go down this route.

Reasons For Panting Herbs at Home

Before we get into which are the best herbs for panting at home, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons as to why it’s a good idea to grow your own healing herbs:

Gardening is Healthy

It’s no secret that there are health benefits to the herbs that we are going to be talking about. I mean it’s right there in the term ‘healing herbs’. But gardening can help you with your health in a bunch of ways too.

Firstly, you’re getting out into nature which is great for your body and your mind. When you’re cooped up in the house you aren’t exposed to any of the world’s natural sensory stimuli. The fresh air, the calming sounds, the earth’s natural beauty. You’ll get all of that outside.

It’s also good exercise. While it’s not exactly fast-paced, there is an awful lot of digging, carrying pots and you’ll be on the move around your garden too. It keeps your heart pumping and if you approach it as an exercise it works a surprising number of muscle groups.

And above all else, the main reason why so many people of all ages will take up gardening as a hobby is that it’s a great stress reliever. It gives you something to focus on and distract yourself from anything that’s bothering you.

It Costs Less

There’s really no getting around the fact that going to the grocery store and buying fresh herbs is pretty expensive. All of those that are already pre-packaged and ready to use cost an awful lot more than just the seeds themselves.

And if you are looking for a specific type of herb that your local grocery store doesn’t stock, then you have to go out of your way to find it somewhere else, perhaps somewhere more expensive.

Or you might actually have to order it online.

Starting from scratch will cost you less, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the beginning. There is always going to be the initial investment which will give the illusion that you’ve chosen the more expensive option.

What I mean by this, is the fact that to start off you are going to have to go out and buy all of your gardening materials. Things like pots, tools, gloves and you might even need to do some work on your property first to prepare it for the incoming herb garden.

None of this is going to come cheap, but it’s also going to be a one-time thing. Buy good quality pots, tools and clothes and they could last you for years. Once you’ve got the first payments out of the way, everything else is cheaper.

It becomes a better financial approach in the long run.

You Can Set Up a Relaxing Garden

For some of you out there, the gardening aspect of this might not be something that you really care too much about. You might just be looking for a cheaper and easier way to get your hands on all of these great healing herbs.

So if you are unconvinced about the effort of gardening, try thinking about in a different way. Instead of focusing on the fact that you are going to have to get outside into the dirt and exert yourself, all for some herbs, think about what the end result could be.

You could turn your garden into a relaxing safe haven that you can retreat to whenever you need to chill out. I discussed the benefits of being out in nature earlier, but that doesn’t have to be while exercising, it could be while you’re taking it easy.

So think of that as a little bit more of an incentive to go out into your garden and plant the herbs yourself. There’s lots of ways to turn your backyard into a relaxing place and being able to watch your healthy herbs growing out there is just another part of that.

4 Best Healing Herbs

So with all of that in mind, let’s have a look at 4 of the best healing herbs that you could start growing for yourself:

1. Chamomile

healing herbs

Chamomile is one of those ancient healing herbs that’s been helping people out all over the world for a long, long time. It dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was initially used as a cure for fever and it spread from there.

It’s got a lot of health benefits, these days we use it for things like keeping your blood sugar under control, reducing inflammation and also for helping you relax and fall asleep. It’s popular in the form of tea but you could also sprinkle it on your salad or mix it with soup.

Very easy herb to grow too. You can pretty much grow it in any climate and you don’t have to put much work into taking care of the plant.

2. Garlic

healing herbs

The primary health benefit of the garlic herb is maintaining your humanity by keeping those pesky vampires away. Not really though, the truth is that garlic is actually useless for that, but it is good for quite a few other things.

Garlic can help you keep your blood pressure down which is something that can prevent heart disease in the future and reduce your risk of suffering a stroke. It fights cholesterol too which is another huge factor in causing heart attacks.

Certain studies also suggest that garlic may be helpful in preventing cognitive decline as you get older. Specifically, it’s good for protecting you against the possibility of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

And much like chamomile, it’s not a difficult herb to grow. You can even plant it in the fall or winter, just make sure that you soak them in some warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda before you plant them to make sure they don’t get any fungal infections.

3. Peppermint

healing herbs

Quite possibly the most popular herb with gardeners, peppermint is world-renowned not just for its health benefits, but also for its flavour and compatibility with a number of different dishes and food types.

Best grown in partial sunlight with gritty soil, peppermint grows quickly and it requires virtually no maintenance to thrive. The best way to use it is to make an oil out of the leaves. This is relatively simple, you just crush the leaves up, mix them in a jar with olive oil, shake that for a few minutes and let the oil steep for about a week.

You can then mix it in with food or even rub it into your skin. It’s a remedy for a number of different issues such as headaches, stomach aches, fevers, cold and flu symptoms and it’s good for controlling your allergies.

Some people might describe it as a cure-all, and I probably wouldn’t go that far, but it certainly cures quite a lot of stuff.

4. Lavender

healing herbs

This one would be another like peppermint that everyone knows about and would probably be able to recognize the distinctive scent of. It’s often recommended for people who suffer from motion sickness and also as a muscle relaxant.

But perhaps the most noteworthy health benefits of lavender is the effect that it has on our cortisol levels. If you’re not familiar with cortisol it is a hormone that can influence a number of things such as inflammation, blood sugar, metabolism and blood pressure.

You can keep down your cortisol levels if you drink one cup of strong lavender tea every night. And if you do that you’ll also get the benefits of a deeper sleep due to the relaxing effect that lavender has on your muscles.

If you’re going to grow this one, it’s best to keep it in drier soil. So if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain then you’ll have to keep an eye on the soil and make sure that you regularly add mulch to ensure that it drains.

So these are just a few of the numerous healing herbs out there that it’s nice and easy to grow yourself. As I outlined, you could look forward to stress relief, good sleep, relief from a wide range of illnesses and prevention of age-related health problems even if you just focused on these four herbs.

And you’d get all the benefits that come with gardening too. It’s a rewarding experience in a lot of different ways so give growing your own herbs a try!

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