Muffin top sure is not the fantasy of every human being, but it can be pretty unpleasant for a person’s self-esteem. This stubborn belly fat hangs from the waistline, and the worst part is that it is not just tricky but challenging to lose that belly fat. This fat then flaunts itself from the side of the jeans and skirt and gives you a muffin-like appearance over the jeans. 

Apart from the look, a muffin top can have several health risks like diabetes or heart health associated with it. So dealing with that unpleasant muffin top can be pretty tricky, but we have written this blog to help you answer the question “how to get rid of a muffin top.”

Can one get rid of a muffin top?

Though it will be hard, getting rid of a muffin top is not impossible. You should be prepared to put some thought into your diet and exercise plan to help you eliminate the muffin top. Here are some simple ways you can try that will help you in getting rid of that muffin top.

Do cardio-

  • Cardio for only about thirty minutes three to five days a week can help burn more calories than you can imagine. 
  • Cardio workouts or simply brisk walking can help get rid of unwanted fat.
  • So choose a routine you enjoy, like jogging, running, and swimming. 
  • These exercises can help with abdominal muscle, including core training and basic sit-ups.
  • Ensure cardio is in place if you want to lose that stubborn fat in the muffin top.

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Eat More Fiber-

  • Fibre is essential for keeping one fuller for the longer term. 
  • Fibre can slow digestion as it has slow-acting carbs, and the glucose hits the bloodstream slowly. Then it makes it easier to burn this fiber in the longer term.
  • Add vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, and paras into your diet. Eat avocados and apples for a snacking option. 

Avoid sugary drinks-

  • Soda, caffeine, alcohol, or other sugary drinks can make the body retain and bloat the area on your waistline.
  • These drinks have empathy calories and will provide no energy for the body but convert the sugar into carbs and fat to be stored in the body as fats.
  • Simply drinking more beverages a day can increase your calorie consumption many fold.

Avoid refined flour-

  • Skip refined food items like white rice, white flour, bread, and pasta, as they are responsible for building fat in the body. 
  • This fat will be turned into belly fat eventually. These refined flours can also be filled with empty carbs and less fiber content. 
  • These also contain sugars and can increase insulin levels, increasing appetites.

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Reduce stress-

  • When stressed, this can release a hormone called cortisol that can be stored in the pelvic region and make you look fluffy and bloated
  • That can be due to eating and drinking more refined foods and sugars due to stress.
  • That can also result in binge eating, ultimately leading to muffin tops. 
  • Knowing the stress can also be the reason for that bulge, and try engaging in stress-busting activities and techniques to reduce cortisol levels.


  • Workouts can be done in gyms at home with or without equipment. These workouts are similar to those in a youtube video or online screen and class. 
  • These workouts can be performed at home and can also be performed at all times. 
  • While performing these workouts, you should take care of form and accuracy. 
  • The level of this workout is to be determined by the person.

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Workouts to get rid of a muffin top

You can choose to include some exercises in your weight loss plan. These might be the answer to your question of how to get rid of a top muffin-

how to get rid of a muffin top

1. Twisting mountain climbers-

Mountain climbers are practical exercises for weight loss. For example, a twist on the back can help reduce the muffin tops. Stay in the position of a mountain climber and try to twist your waist at 180 degrees, once or twice, with rotations.

2. Hip bridges-

One of the best, simple, and most effective exercises that can help reduce overall body weight and help with muffin tops. Lie down on the mat and push your lower body upwards in the position of a bridge. Hold this position for about 20 seconds and repeat 5 to 6 times.

3. Back extension with dumbbells-

Back extensions are also done on the mat. Try to reach back at the levels of the hips and hold the dumbbells in your hands. Repeat this exercise in three sets of 20 repetitions.

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4. Plank with a hip twist-

Planks are well known for making the core stronger. They can also help with top muffin fat. All you need to do is maintain a plank position and try to reach the floor by moving only the lower body to hit the floor.

5. Spiderman walk-

Spiderman walks are joint exercises and can be challenging to perform. Start in the position of a plank and slowly keep moving the hands and the legs like a spider. This exercise is an advanced exercise and might require supervision.

6. Sumo squats-

Sumo squats are easy to perform and can be done by beginners. Well, these squats can help reduce muffin tops. Sumo squats are best served at any place and are incredibly influential. Begin in a sumo position and try to stick to the position and rest, then return and repeat after some time.

These practical exercises should be performed by someone other than beginners as they can cause sprains or injuries. Try to start with beginner-friendly exercises and then move to the advanced ones.

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7. Jumping-jacks-

Jumping jack is one exercise that can help lose weight and will also work like a cardio program. All you have to do is have ten minutes daily, grab your workout gear, and jump by showing your hands over your head.

Try to get as many as you can. For starters, you can target 100 and then increase the number.

Additions pointers-

  • Remember, it is impossible to reduce your weight, so you should focus on an overall reduction in weight loss and exercise that can burn more calories and sculpt the muscles underneath the skin that have excess fat. Then, combine this fat with a precise nutrition and bright weight loss plan to see the belly fat.
  • Try not to go on crash or liquid diets to get rid of the muffin top, as you will likely regain this weight again.
  • Avoid taking fat burners to reduce the extra fat.


How to get rid of the muffin top fast?

One can get rid of a muffin top fast with cardio exercises and core strengthening exercises that can help reduce the fat in the middle section. Try and exercise four times a week for thirty minutes daily and get a better diet.

Why can’t I lose my muffin top?

The muffin top will only disappear if you lose your overall body fat. You should not expect to lose body weight in one to two weeks. As it takes time to gain weight, you should also give ample time for your body to lose that weight.

Can walking help with getting rid of a muffin top?

Yes, getting rid of a muffin top can be done with walking. Walking is a great way to lose that targeted belly fat and can be a great way of training and strengthening the core muscles of the body. So walking can make a huge difference in your muffin top.

What can be the reasons for a muffin top?

The muffin top can become quite apparent if your body weight has gained more fat than muscles. For example, females tend to have genetically specific depositing of fat in their hips, which can result in a prominent muffin top. Thus to reduce body fat, we should promote a calorie deficit through diet, exercise, and different activities.

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Though it can be challenging to work out and diet to eliminate the excessive fat on the side of your jeans or that muffin top, we suggest you target losing overall weight, not trying to lose weight. Instead, focus on cardio and eating fewer carbs to eliminate belly fat. You can also work out your abs for targeted exercises. Read the above blogs and you will get your answer to “how to get rid of a muffin top”.

If you have any health, heart condition or diabetes, getting in touch with your doctor before starting any new exercises or diet plans is essential. While trying to lose weight, keep yourself focused, and your muffin top will be gone in no time.

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