In India, LASIK eye surgery is a very common procedure. Over a million people have refractive surgery every year to restore normal vision. LASIK is the preferred method for correcting refractive errors among all available options. Now the question arises in the mind of the spectacle wearers, How much is Laser Eye Surgery Cost in India?

With the advancement of technology, Indians and foreigners can now afford LASIK treatment. Compared to vision centers in other countries, the cost of LASIK surgery in India is significantly lower. As a result, many people from other countries travel to India to have vision correction surgery, specifically LASIK eye surgery.

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

The only type of eye surgery available is called Lasik. It is the most well-liked subset of laser refractive surgery. In most situations, it is regarded as an effective substitute for glasses or contact lenses that enhance vision. 

Typically, the cornea of the eye allows light to bend normally. However, when a person has varying degrees of poor vision, the light does not bend through the cornea as it should. The flaw is fixed by LASIK surgery. It can completely address myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism-related problems.

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How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in India?

 “How much is laser eye surgery?” can be questioned with multiple answers as the total cost estimate may vary depending on the hospital you choose for. 

The following table shows the cost of LASIK surgery in major Indian cities. This table provides an estimate of the cost of LASIK surgery and should only be used as a guide. 

In reality, the cost of LASIK surgery varies depending on several factors. You must contact the clinic to learn the exact cost of LASIK surgery, as several factors influence the price.

Name of the City Price (Minimum) (INR) Price (Maximum) (INR) Average Price (INR)
New Delhi 16000 95000 43804
Kolkata 28000 50000 36125
Bangalore 15000 110000 52804
Hyderabad 25000 160000 59211
Mumbai 40000 80000 34758
Chennai 10000 80000 43909
Pune 22000 125000 62866
Thane 35000 55000 46250
Ahmedabad 12500 80000 34758
Jaipur 5000 50000 36125
Chandigarh 35000 50000 40000
Lucknow 12500 80000 34758
Coimbatore 22000 125000 62866
Ghaziabad 16000 95000 43804
Faridabad 16000 95000 43804

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What factors influence the Price of Laser Eye Surgery in India?

How much LASIK will cost you depends on a variety of factors. The crucial ones are as follows: 

  • Technology: A clinic with cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art technology may charge slightly more than clinics with possibly less advanced technology.
  • Procedure Types: Some minimally invasive, unconventional procedures, such as the bladeless ReLEx SMILE, may be more expensive. However, you do pay for what you receive.
  • Location: The clinic’s prices could change depending on the city and the neighborhood. The setup is frequently slightly more expensive when comparing big cities to smaller ones. This is a result of the higher startup costs in large cities.
  • Aftercare: Many clinics and centers include aftercare in their packages. Consequently, you are not required to choose it. (This implies that it won’t be part of the overall cost; be on the lookout for that.)
  • Economies of Scale are at work here due to the hospital’s size. As a result of having lower overall costs, larger companies can offer lower prices. It’s frequently less expensive to go to a clinic with doctors and support staff all over the country.
  • Patient Care: Initial evaluations are frequently performed by an optometrist or optician, which can help keep costs down compared to a surgeon’s evaluation. Be a little wary of this since it prevents you from getting to know the surgeon professionally before your surgery. Which, though frequently disregarded, is crucial to your comfort with the procedure?

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5 FAQ 

Can LASIK surgery cure myopia?

Refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism can all be corrected with LASIK eye surgery. Refractive error and other factors affect the outcome and likelihood of surgery success.

How is LASIK surgery performed?

The main goal of this straightforward procedure is to alter your cornea's shape to correct your eyes' refractive error. A laser with cool ultraviolet beams will be used during the procedure to reshape your cornea by removing small amounts of tissue.

Is LASIK surgery painful?

The LASIK eye surgery procedure is not painful. Before the procedure, your surgeon will place numbing eye drops in both eyes. Although you might feel some pressure during the procedure, you shouldn't feel any pain.

How long does the procedure take?

The average treatment time for each eye is less than 15 minutes. Depending on the amount of correction needed and your prescription, the laser can correct your vision in 20–50 seconds. However, it would help if you planned to spend about an hour and a half at the office on the day of the procedure.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects Associated with LASIK Eye Surgery?

There are some risks associated with LASIK eye surgery, as with any surgery. Even though it is uncommon, it might take a few weeks to see the full effects. You might also experience problems with the following:
impaired night vision, especially while driving, leading to the perception of stars or haloes
wet eyes
several years after the procedure, due to natural aging, the need for reading glasses
Under- or overcorrection would necessitate using glasses or contact lenses to improve vision.
Complications during surgery with the corneal tissue flap

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Conclusion – 

This article has given insight into how much laser eye surgery is in India with a cost chart from different cities. To summarise, LASIK surgery in India is not expensive in a single sitting. The cost of laser vision correction is determined by the hospital or clinic where you have decided to undergo surgery based on several factors.

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