Top 11 Home Remedies To Treat Pain in Anus Hole

Are you struggling with pain in the anus? In this blog, we'll discuss remedies & surgery to relieve the pain. Read more about pain in anus hole home remedies.

Top 11 Home Remedies To Treat Pain in Anus Hole
Top 11 Home Remedies To Treat Pain in Anus Hole
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Pain in the anus hole can be due to different reasons, like a cut or tear in the form of fissures; hemorrhoids can also cause pain in the anus hole. This painful condition can lead to itching and painful bowel movements with swelling and redness in the affected area. They can get deeper in the skin due to heavy lifting, hard stools, chronic constipation, and diarrhea; spending too much time on the toilet seat and putting pressure while cleaning the bowels can also lead to strain and stress on the anus. That can lead to worse pain in the anus hole.  When experiencing discomfort with the same issue, there is a range of pain in anus hole home remedies that help to alleviate symptoms and promote healing. In this blog, we will learn about simple home remedies that can help effortlessly reduce the pain in the anus hole.

Effective Home Remedies for Relieving Pain in the Anus Hole -

Treatments for anus hole pain can be varied from pain relievers to stool softeners. All of these methods can help provide relief in the pain. While visiting the doctor for such pain is the foremost thing you might do, if you are looking for simple remedies that you can use at home, you should use these methods.

1. Dietary fibers -Dietary fibers - Pain in anus hole home remedies

  • Dietary fibers are one of the best ways of reducing pain in the anal area; many studies have revealed that people with lesser strains on the anal region while pooping can show reduced signs of anal problems. 
  • Eating good fiber can also aid in this, making the stools soft and easy to pass out. That will help prevent pain in the anal area. 
  • Some foods rich in top fiber content are peas, beans, lentils, bran flakes or avocados, artichokes, and pumpkin seeds.

2. Apple cider vinegar -

Apple Cider Vinegar - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Straining the bowels when cleaning them can worsen pain in the anus hole; you should look for some products with pectin. 
  • Pectin helps in adding water to the stools. Apple cider vinegar has more pectin in it, which can help reduce the problem of water-soluble fibers that can encourage smooth bowel movements and digestion if you have constipation
  • For best results, you can blend apple cider vinegar with some honey and drink the mixture twice a day.
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3. Aloe Vera Gel -

Aloe Vera Gel - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Aloe vera gels are known for their cooling and hydrating properties; aloe vera drinks benefit the body's overall health. 
  • They help reverse dehydration and can also provide coolness in the body. In addition, due to its natural pain-relieving properties, it can help with pain in the anal hole and can also help prevent the symptoms of this condition. 
  • Apply aloe vera leaf gels to the area, slice the leaves, and scoop out the gel with a spoon. Apply the aloe vera gels to the affected area at least twice daily for best results.

4. Seitz Bath -

Seitz Bath - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Seitz Baths are small plastic tube baths available in various drugstores and can help patterns eliminate pain, discomfort, and swelling in the anal region. 
  • Patients need to fill the plastic tub for 10 to 15 minutes, allowing the anal area to soak in warm water to ease pain and other symptoms of redness and swelling. 
  • After washing in the Seitz bath, apply betadine lotion to the area and place it on top of the toilet seat. 
  • Then you must apply at least 10 to 15 minutes allowing the area to soak in warm water again to ease the pain. 
  • Epsom salts and other bath products can also be used, but you should consult the doctor first.

5. Coconut oil -

Coconut Oil - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Coconut oil is among the best moisturizers. It helps reduce friction in the affected area on application and is rich in medium triglycerides content that can help the skin moisturize the affected area. 
  • Massaging coconut oil to the anal region can help treat the anal fissures quickly. You can apply coconut oil to the anal skin area with itching, redness, and pain. 
  • Try to apply it before sleeping and be regular with its application as it can help deal with the pain.

6. Keeping yourself hydrated -

Stay hydrated - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • One of the common causes of anal pain is constipation, and patients with constipation can have difficulty passing the stools. 
  • That can also be due to reduced water in the body. Such individuals can also consume foods that add to their overall water intake, like spinach, watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, zucchini, and lettuce. 
  • Some of these people can benefit from the increase in water levels, and you can also consult with your doctor to recommend the perfect drinking levels for your body's needs. Thus, taking or consuming a good amount of liquids is considered one of the effective pain in anus hole home remedies.
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7. Olive oil -

Olive Oil - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Olive oil is filled with natural laxatives, which can help with easy stool passage. Honey, beeswax, and love oil are great laxatives at home that can help with anal pain, swelling, or redness. 
  • To get instant relief, consider combining all the ingredients in a blend and drinking it after some times for several times during the day. 
  • Olive oil can also be consumed with salads to give the body an extra dose of lubrication while cleaning the colons.

8. Papaya -

Papaya - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Papaya is loaded with many enzymes that help provide lubrication and aid digestion; one such enzyme is papain. 
  • That relieves people suffering from constipation and minimizes discomfort in the bathroom. 
  • Moreover, it is a comfort food that can provide a better taste when sticking to diets or excessively working out. Papaya can also help with hydrating the body.
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9. Clarified butter or ghee -

Clarified butter or ghee - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Ghee is a natural laxative that relieves people with severe constipation. It can help fela fissures in the anal region and contain many fatty acids that can help smoothen bowel movements. 
  • Though ghee is considered fat, a natural home remedy for pain in the anus hole, it can be responsible for cardiovascular damage. 
  • This clarified butter is easy to make and should be added to meals but in a limited proportion to prevent heart problems.

10. Yogurt -

Yogurt - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Another food item commonly found in households is curd, which is filled with many probiotics that are good bacteria for the gut. 
  • Curd comprises lactobacillus; yogurt is another version of the curd found at home. Both types of curd are good for digestion and can help relieve constipation. Having curd can help reduce dry stools. 

11. Turmeric -

Turmeric - Pain in anus hole home remedies
  • Though commonly used in food preparations, this turmeric can help reduce inflammation and swelling in the anus hole. 
  • Turmeric has curcumin, that ingredient helps deal with the pain and swelling in the anus hole. 
  • Curcumin can provide help in dealing with this inflammation. It can also be drunk with water by adding raw turmeric to it.
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Will anus hole Pain require surgery?

Pain in anus hole home remedies can provide relief and comfort for individuals with pain. Thus, you should not be worried about surgery. The pain recovers within a few weeks with home remedies, and if the pain is still present after six weeks, it becomes important to get in touch with the doctor. The doctor will examine the condition and give medications. This can help reduce pain and spasms in the affected area. You must regularly check for improvements in the condition and ensure that you do not have fissures or hemorrhoids leading to too much pain in the region. Also Read: How to cure fissures permanently - Proven Methods Also Read: How to get instant relief for UTI?


Though pain in the anal hole can arise due to discomfort, clots, itching, and sweating, the most common causes of pain in the anal region are constipation, fissures, and hemorrhoids. Different home remedies for annual pain during the initial period can massively help reduce swelling enormously. These simple application remedies, a changing diet, and hydration, will help reduce the pain and also help in never getting those pains again. You can also include some exercises in your everyday routine to prevent the development of this pain again. Also Read: What is a Proctologist? What Conditions They Treat

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one treat anal pain?

You can treat anal pain with pain relievers, stools, softeners, and antibiotics.

What are the quick home remedies for anus pain?

Some home remedies for anus pain are the Seitz bath, the application of aloe vera gel, and coconut oil.

How to make anal pain heal faster?

Anal Pain can heal within a few weeks, with simple changes of drinking enough water and fiber intake.

Can anal pain go away on its own?

Anal Pain can go away independently, but remedies can help heal faster.

How long will anus hole pain last?

Annual hole pain can heal within a few weeks; if not, contact a doctor.